måndag 27 maj 2013

Knuckle almost done.

Almost there. It started as it should but a few minor adjustments still to do. Some sorting and going over and then a road test... And eventually going to the last Jokers show in early June. This bike is up for sale. Mail me at johan@the sunnysideup.se if you're interested.

torsdag 25 april 2013

G, Janne and yours truly rollin out the Jux from Röhsska museet. Wher it belongs... on the street!

torsdag 7 februari 2013

reassuringly simple!

It's nice to know. Gives meaning to the KISS abreviation - Keep it simple stupid!

onsdag 6 februari 2013

Pure gold

Found this pic. from Mathias in my Drop Box. Had to post it saying it's beautiful to look at and when you know that there is the utmost of quality in every last detail it's even more amazing. Turn to LeBeef for perfection!

Good times!

My two brothers and a genious (even though he might not look it at that precise moment). A couple of years at Strul MC. A saturday night to remember!