fredag 31 augusti 2012

tisdag 28 augusti 2012

First time in thirteen years, damm it!

We've rode the 430 km to Enköping for the Round Mälaren Run the last thirteen years and this was actually the first time I had my ass in a backseat of a car and the bike on a frekkkin trailer. However I had a glas (or a few) filled with Rhum Anejo from the Honduras (as well as some Bushmills now and again) so it was at least bearable. I finsished up the bike half an hour befor we were off and tha darn thing wouldnt start. But it took like 30 min up at Strul MC before it kicked alive and we could go running around on sweet summer roads. It ran like a charm. 'Cept some air in the juice brake, but who needs brakes anyway... I like how it turned out. Un-trendy and kinda raw, with a bit of swedish bike history to it. I think it will be a nice piece to make your own for the next owner.

måndag 27 augusti 2012

From father to son...

Yesterday was a big day. My son Axel all of a sudden asked if he could use my old board. So I rushed up to the attic and dug it out. I think I bought the board around 78 or 79. It was real good in the big Fiskebäck ramp and at Bananen also. It's a Hobie Starship with Tracker trucks and Alva wheels. Think I was one of the first in Sweden to get Alva wheels. Ordered from the States. And in my mind I was sure it was Tony who packed and sent them to me! Axel said the board was real cool but we got to do something about the griptape. And nicely enough we got a backdoor ramp to try it out. Which he did - not me... So now I hope he'll have as much fun with this old Dinosaur as I did. Seems like they're kinda poular. And since I like old stuff, maybe some has rubbed of on Axel.

fredag 24 augusti 2012

The Gryphon

Might have posted it before but this incredoulus build can handle that. It's so cool and probably the best to come out of Sweden since Stellans Hulster. Its cool and rad but still 100% a motorcycle. Which is alot more than most showbikes can claim. The trick is to build a motorcycle. A real motorcycle.

All of a sudden...

... its raining cats and dogs. We were securely sitting on the porch at Strul MC with a beer and a shot of scotch when the skies open up and start a rain storm so ferocious we can't hear each other under the porches corrugated roof. Sweet and cosy. But it almost drowned a couple of newie harleys (hogs I think they call 'em). Cool and not a big prob as long as my knuck is on high grund. As it was!

torsdag 23 augusti 2012

onsdag 22 augusti 2012

Swedish Chopper History on the road

Denvers MC are legendary and mythical! So I was real happy when Ostkant from the capital of Sweden sent me a message with some pics he just took. The pics features a classy and classic swedish style from a prominent member of the aforementioned motorcycle club. As understand this bike was first built like tons of years ago. And it is timless and so sweet to this day. The last image is one of those pics you can look at for hours and just feel the happiness and fun of havin' fun. Respect to the club and I'll remove the pic if it's not ok to post.

tisdag 21 augusti 2012

It's going to be for sale.

Took a while, but when you get an hour or two here and there it's going to be that way. But it turned it like I wanted it, though I think I need som rear fender adjustment. It's going to be for sale as the headline says. So if your interested in a 39EL give me a holler. The engine is newly renovated. bottom and top end. Its got a RL front end with a 1" stem and a 21 " with springer brake. Juice brake in the rear, 12 volt, Linkert DC carb et etc... All in all a nice bike.

måndag 13 augusti 2012

Pissed of and doin' sumthin' about it!

For all un-swedes the sign says: Just start looking you dawgone bloodsuckers... Action speaks louder than words! Respect!

torsdag 9 augusti 2012

The DC and ICA

A new source of spareparts for my hobby... The swedish food chain ICA and their high end range of cooking utensils/carburator air cleaner mesh.
An exhaust clamp from a Honda, I think, serves well as the crown on my DC.
Now ICA is officially part of our Hobby inventory.

tisdag 7 augusti 2012

A new knuckle in the house...

To say new to a Knuckle might not be adequate, but last week I ran up and down to the capitol of Sweden to bring back Mathias 41 knuckle to Goteborg. My youngest brother is moving to Shangahai for 3 years so Freudo and I get to keep it in our garage. Kinda bittersweet! By the way I posted my last entry from my iPhone - kinda shows dont it...

måndag 6 augusti 2012

Swede Sixteen is slowly evolving

An hour here and an hour there dont make for à hasty assembly. And adding to that minor problems and some metalworking makes this summer a very non-riding summer!
Hope to get on the road soon! And on this bike.