måndag 29 augusti 2011

My kids

As goofy and fun as they look... and then some! I'm a lucky dad f'sure!

söndag 28 augusti 2011

The right breather valve ...

...is essential for a well functioning oil system and thus a dry motor and more specifically dry heads. Ask me I know. It however had the good effect that I have been through basically all possible causes of flowing and dripping oil before I realized that a late pan breather just dont cut it on a knuckle...or more to the point - that it was one of those mounted in the crankcase...

But now the knuck ran great during last weekends 1000 km trip as well as to and from work this last week.

My son needs a ramp...

...so it's just to get to it. Kinda halfpipe. About 1.2 meters high, 2.5 wide and I guess it'll be about 6 meters from coping to coping. It's been keeping me busy and it aint done yet... I have to put it outside our yard (I think I might have a real bad accident in my sleep if I put it in the yard, my wife tells me...). And since the ground isn't even and straight I'll need to do some digging and ground work to.
But seeing Axel nailing a 180 kick-flip today makes it more than worth the while. Just wish I was like 20 years younger...

måndag 22 augusti 2011

Going to Enköping...

...the third weekend in august is something we've done for the last 13 years. It's a great weekend but I'm so freeekin tired when I get home sunday night...

This year a rainy shitty saturday put a damper on riding the Run. We only managed a wet run over to Strängnäs and soe short runs around town. I got to try a modern kinda bike which was fun a 2004 Buell Lightning Bolt (I think). A bit scary in the rain with brakes that actually work... real good.

But things dried up toward the evening and Sidfläsk once again stood victorious in the Strul-stafetten! Second year and this year without our world champ Stellan.

We're looking for a hird consecutive win next year. Go Sidfläsk go!

We made it!

Mälaren Runt round trip about 1000km. I ran the knuck roughly 700 meters before we set of friday. It ran like a charm and the trip was made in a good and mellow pace to get the first miles to the Knuck in good order.
All in all a great weekend on a sweet bike with good friends. I'll post some more from the trip soon.

By the way, the bike is for sale since I'm not really a OHV kinda guy, more of the SV persuation. And I need to get crackin' on it.

It's a 39EL in a bentleg frame. A RL rear leg with a 1"post and a repo front leg. The motor is renovated and runs good as well as the gearcase which is newly renovated. 81 and 21" . Chain primary etc etc...

mail me if you want more info and price. johan@thesunnysideup

onsdag 10 augusti 2011

oil squirtin' ol' fool

It kinda feels like this right now... dont it?

Back at work, missed Le Beefs 2 year and the A-Bomber meet, US going down the drain as well as 70% of the countries in europe and Japan as well... my knuckle squrts oil from every hole possible and even where there aint none... my family left me home-alone for the rest of the week... moneys short and I'm getting old and tired... and I didnt get to paint the house this summer either...

But it's still frekkin' fun if you got big ears!