onsdag 29 december 2010

Life is grand!

Watch and enjoy... or dont. I dont care

tisdag 28 december 2010

Been out steelin' again!

Real kool image found on motorcycleart. Thanks. Pic. features Randy Smith who really was a creative force within the choppin' industry. And Nicke tells me that the panlids I have are the real deal from CCE in the sixties. And I'm thinkin they might even be the ones on this bike... Sure... got to be... absolutely!


Today it's minus 15 degrees celisius which means it's colder than a witches tittie... And lookin at this pic from last summer makes me a bit warmer. On the way around Mälaren for the run of the season. I think this was our eleventh year or something... And we'll be back next year to.

måndag 27 december 2010

swingarms are go!

Don't know why but swingarms rides keep poppin' up everywhere. And they smoke! I think this is from the parkinglot outside the Mooneyes show in ol'Yokohama this year. Really nice and rebel - like!

Maybe I wont sell the 66 electra... might just chop it up...

I swiped this image from some site I forget - thanks.

fredag 24 december 2010

Merry Christmas all!

A few moments of gittar and singin Stevies tunes during christmas eve. My brother Mathias playin and singin (and he'll be pissed I posted it...). And me trying not to sing to loud and out of tune. But tha fact of the matter is that Stevie Ray made a real difference in our lives and singin to his memory on a X-mas night feels real good.

So have a merry christmas and do good things to others. And the peace sign is in and trendy. so throw out your swazis and replace 'em with peace signs and we'll have a great new year!

onsdag 22 december 2010

Git wid it!

I miss 'em bad everytime I listen to anything they've ever done... Nothing really compares.

söndag 19 december 2010

As seen on Youtube, I think...

I think this really neat flattie is on a clip on Youtube somewhere. Some guy kicks it to life and the sound just makes you want to move to another country where there is bike weather all year around. And you have a flathead of course...

If anybody has any info on the bike and who owns it and if they have a blog or site or something, I would really appreciate it. Because the styling and the build is so nice and bright. So I might learn somthing more from him.

And i give respect and cred to CoC for the pic. I blatantly swiped it cause its so good - both pic and bike.

tisdag 14 december 2010

28 A Ford Bed

Left side back end needs work. Everything else pretty much fresh. Woood needs replcaing. By all means a good and workable bed. The Real Deal - no RePop!

Linda's Pan! With all the goodies!

This summer she'll be koolest on the road! And Peter will be right behind on the red knuckle trying to catch up!

fredag 10 december 2010

not much bike... more rod

The Juxtapod is really on the go. Mattias LeBeef and Ludvig have crafted and we're getting closer to the first appearance at Automässan 2011 in Gotheburg. I haven't put in an hour of wrenchin' since I dont know the first thing about buildning rods, but I'm trying in my officelike manners to move things along and find partners and friends to realize and finalize this grand idea!

If you think you'll have fun with us and can use this idea and rod-ride in some awkward way and have a buck or two two to spend - mail me at johan@thesunnysideup.se.

If you dont and just want to tag along and check what'll become of it - go to juxtapodhotrod.blogspot.com

Peace and over and out!

torsdag 2 december 2010

Eat dust family style

Got these kool koasters frpm Mattias and he got them from a real nice clothing company called Eat Dust Clothing. Check them out at:


Anyway, they found a new mission in the family context when my kids and I made some X-mas lanterns of the Eat Dust Koaster, tin foil and sugarcubes... and let's not foreget some good ol' skool glue (no use sniffin' that). We all think they turned out real swell.

Tomorrow night though I think the real deal in a jug of Red Stripe will find itself right at home on the the one koeaster that I've got left. And maybe a shot of JD on the side...