fredag 28 maj 2010

Let's talk about red...

...and what that color stands for. Probably my bankaccount if I do what I feel when I see Jays-just- landed-in Sweden-Chevy-Nova. So I'll refrain to windowshopping. But SS is really SuperSweet.

tisdag 25 maj 2010

I stand corrected...

... green is no longer the color of envy. Mr Green, hang your coat and take a seat. There's a new sheriff in town.

måndag 24 maj 2010


yeah, just that... raw!

fredag 21 maj 2010

The color of envy... green. And as Sebastian says: bikes can't be green so Peter painted his bike in a color that will give it just as much attention as it deserves. Am I envious?... naaaah... No for real, the bike used to be mine an me' bro's and we never got it to look this good and the tank isn't even on yet. So it's gone to a better master that always seem to take ordinary stuff and make it into something exeptional. And I know LeBeef is a part of it to so it's a winner this season!
You the man Peter!

torsdag 20 maj 2010

Dubbleju... goin big!

Chevrolet developed the W series, named after the rocker covers that resembled a W, mostly because they needed new engines since the demands in the market pointed att bigger vehicles and more powerful performance. So the exisiting engine alternatives really didnt match the demands of a new and booming market. Chevrolet introduced the small block V8 (265 ci) in ’55 but it couldn’t obviuosly do the job alone.

The Chevrolet 348 was first introduced in October of ’57 as a new Truck engine, but as cars became bigger due to the general trend it was decided that the 348 would be used for cars also.

It presented some new thoughts in engine construction which basically delivered good tourqe all over the range. It developed its - as it’s called - maximum brake mean effective pressure - at relatively low speed giving the driver a powerful and comfortable ride - even if it was in a big car or truck. You now that krusin’ feelin’. Gliiiidin'.

The first engines came in two alternatives, a 250 hp and a 280 hp. Late in ’58 a 315 hp 348 was introduced. The higher hp engines were given high lift cams, solid lifters and a 3-2 barrel carb set up.Evetually the heads were improved and they were fitted with dual point distributors

And in the great american tradition of koool and over-the-top names and brands the different alternatives were given such names as: Turbo-Thrust escalating in the Supert-Turbo-Thrust and with a final climax in the... yeahhh you guessed it! the Special-Super-Turbo-Thrust! Dang I’m blown away - just gotta have one of them!!!!

Chevrolet continously developed higher hp 348 engines through the years ending up with a 350 hp 348, Chevy took a full step and introduced the famed 409 engine in ’61.

The 348 was produced until ’64. But after ’61 it only served in trucks.

And finally a spec sheet I found googleing around...

  • Cubic Inch=348
  • Bore=4.125
  • Stroke=3.25
  • Firing order=1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2
  • Engine Weight=640/650lbs
  • Forged Crank=has round flywheel bolt flange
  • Connecting rod length=6.135 inches
  • Crankshaft mains=2.4977
  • Push rod length=exhaust 9.140, intake 8.772
  • Push rod diameter=5/16" (all)
  • Fuel pump push rod length=5.75 inches
  • Dipstick on Drivers side
  • Ignition timing=4 degrees B.T.D.C.
  • Spark plugs=AC44 (standard), AC45 (hotter), AC43 (colder)
  • Spark plug gap=.035"
  • Rocker arm ration=1.75:1
  • Internally balanced
  • All 348's were assembled at the Tonowanda plant.

onsdag 19 maj 2010

Crank for sale

Nice FL knuckle crank for sale. real good, trued, balanced and ready to go right into your empty casees. Truett & Osborne flywheels, original con rods and the pistons are std size i believe. or just the first oversizes. I'll check upon interest.

I'll discuss a trade for U 74" crank or just flywheels.

And he's of...

Me ol' bro Fruedo (real bro and club bro...) got the knuck together, fired it up and took a test run. Myself, I'm home in bed with the flu. Sissy ass winer and malingerer you might think, but I'm a man, I'm middle age, I'm sick and it's hell you must understand!
Well, anyway it's a racy machine with a tank big enough to get you to a gas station and back - but looks are important! It's a frekin' beast and my chop is almost there and it's 25 degrees celsius and... Whoops almost felt sorry for myself again.

tisdag 18 maj 2010

Model A Ford Truck 1928

In 1928 Ford replaced the Model T and the TT, as the truck was named, with the Model A and AA.
The A which is the the car, was the base for the Truck - AA, which rated at 1.5 tons. The truck was available as a Closed cab which basically is with a fixed roof or as a Roadster, what we would refer to as a convertible. Even though Roadster sounds way cooler.

Both the A and the AA carried a 200 cubic inch (3.3 litres) water-cooled, L-head four-cylinder engine that produced approx 40 horsepower, along with a sliding-gear three-speed transmission. We are aiming for a little bit more power than that, though... And some more gears I guess. It came with a one-barrel Zenith up-draft carb and dashed around the roads at a top speed of about 65 mph or 104 km/h as we say here in the old part of the world.

A closed cab pickup sold for about $475 which is not what the price is nowadays... or you could splurge and order the top-of-the-line Town Car and impress your neighboors and spend no less than 14 hundred bucks...

And finally, the model Awas the first to have safety glass in the windshield.

The last model A, as I understand, was produced in march in 1932 when the mdel B was introduced. By then 4 849 340 Model A had been produced in plants in the US, Argentina, Canda, France, the UK and Germany .

How many of those were Trucks I haven't found. But who gives a hoot - we've got one and thats plenty!

måndag 17 maj 2010

Tage is 5 this friday!

And we're having a Star Wars party! Or Star Watch as he puts it. And then we're going to go chopper riding him and me.

Go visit!

Take a cyberride to and check out Ludvigs new super kool stuff. Really fun and full of the right attitude. I should also mention the amount of hard work and pure skill he put inte making these objects a reality for your enjoyment. So as in many cases, what looks real kool and smoooth demands tons of experience and craftsmanship and of course - a real hot rod heart!

And stay tuned because the gas tank. as seen previously, is most likely ready for fillin'

fredag 7 maj 2010

onsdag 5 maj 2010

Call me weird...

... but my heart rate went up considerably when this arrived today in a package from Charlie. I was expecting them, but not to get them in the original package. This is a good day! Thanks Charlie from Stockholm. The real Superior deal!

tisdag 4 maj 2010

Interior alterations

63 Chevy truck dash goes model A size.... As you see I have no freakin' idea of how to get the images in the right order. As they are now is exactly 100% wrong... Well anyway you can se the full size of the chevy dash in the middlle picture. And how Mattias has chopped it down to size in the middle section as well as the two side panels. And in this piece of art will be made room for the all-in-one gauge from the 50 Ford - as seen previously in this blogg. Which you ardent and righteous followers of this world renownd blog surley know!

Peace and love!

måndag 3 maj 2010

I like sushi I admit...

... and I like a snow white Honda Digger... Darn I like it! But maybe a scared up ironhead mill is even snowier. Or kooler... or whatever... But koolest of all is a Freddy Hernandez springer!

lördag 1 maj 2010

At least something...

... felt good today. A friend of mine messed up my day good. A bit hung over (only slightly) I open my mailbox and found a message from him that sucked big time. But I wont bore y'all with the details. Instead I'll show two bikes that make me feel good, or at least better. My brother Fredriks knuckle and my pan chop. Not perfect by a long shot, but good enough for us. Give us a week and we'll be fired up and running. Small stuff to do still (as I hope...).

As I'm writing this post my wife and kids are sitting right beside me watching TV and that makes me realize that alot more than these bikes make me feel good - real good. Even though that mail this morning really sucked...