måndag 30 augusti 2010

Andy x three

Stumbled upon this Guru from Nashville on Facebook (yes. I'm on facebook...), I believe. Seems like he's been kickin' out mindblowers since the 60's. And one of them was this Top-Chop!

Check out:

The first but maybe not the last entry on food.

This is haute cuisine Swedish road house style. At the famous roadside restaurant at Mariestad, the SteeringwheelOwl (Rattugglan) this is the dish of choice - Raggmunk med Fläsk och lingonsylt. Thick swedish bacon (fried crips) and kind of hashbrowns but more like pancakes with shredded potatoes in'em with lingonberryjam. Fills you up good and gets you ready for the 250 km left to Enköping.

Same procedure as last year! F-k this let's eat!

I hate to admit...

...that I find this bike irresistable... It makes me so happy I've had it as my screensaver for a while. It has almost everything that I don't prefer piece by piece - but together it's a blast! Somehow even the front fender almos makes sense... but only almost. Could it be that the real "kool" rides are in to many numbers and that uncool is the new cool...

A walk is as good as a ride... sometimes

Last night where we live in southwest Göteborg. An evening walk with the missus... The first since our first kid basically. Real sweet!

fredag 27 augusti 2010

The Juxtapod blog...

If anyone by chance might visit this blog - the megustomuch - with all of it's imperfections in spanish and content, please help me and take a visit at


and follow that kinda more interesting project, than these, my private rantings here. We're trying to build a worlds first.. A cool rod that combines art and design from two different worlds! And to see what they have to offer each other.

It's a risky project... The two worlds might gett pissed at us, but then again they might like it. We might get pissed at the project, but then again, it's most unlikely... But the biggest risk is that we wont be able to attract massive attention and thus get the response and discussion we want and crave for (affirmation is a real strong driving force for us humans... much like gas in a rod...).

So please help the Juxtapod team to spread the word and the blog! We are forever grateful dudes and dudettes!

The skate-chop connection

My son Axel doin an ollie. And how does that connect with choppers?... well I promised him the yellow seventies 45 flathead chop we've been fiddeling around with would be finished and his by the time he gets his license. So in contrast to me, he might be a bonafide skate/chop kinda dude!
And Freudo and me gotz to getz a move on... he'll soon bee there, in about 8-9 years...

torsdag 26 augusti 2010

Janne Lindström photo from Mälaren Runt 2010

He's a good photagrapher. He avoided my ugly mug and concentrated on the nice stuff. Bike and Red wings!

The chop- skate connection...

... is really kind of kool in certain ways since it puts, or rather, takes away alot of crap and focuses on the important stuff - which is wheels and whatever holds those wheels in place - a board or a frame...

This was my home away from home between 75-79! The Landala Banana bowl. I wasnt really good in any way, never made it into a sponsored team. I just had fun and learned alot from all the fun people who skated there at the time. Names like Janne W, Hillnäs, The Carter team (specially my good lifelong friend Dennis who passed away in a boat accident a few years back, I think of you often !) The Appelgren brothers, Tjongan, my own brothers and many more.

I even met Tony Alva there one day. He just showed up totally alone in shorts, board, bandana and HAIR... and then he ripped!

Ok so much for that nostalgic trip down memory lane... and the skate chop connection.
I'm not a part of it... I wasn't that good and it was to long ago!

tisdag 24 augusti 2010

Two good friends - Two great bikes

Sidfläsk MC (which is our small and quite unserious bike club) are blessed with good friends that are extraordinary at building motorcycles . One so much that he's the former World Champ. Another might just as well win in the future with the project he's busy on right now. But bikes aside, they are the nicest and funniest guys around. And laughing with good friends beats bikes anyday. Or laughing and bikeriding with friends beats basically anything... oh well
it''s a blast and we're proud of their friendship!

I'll be back with more great rides from Mälaren Runt and the Strul MC party!

måndag 23 augusti 2010

Mälaren Runt 2010 (The Frog Sea Tour 2010)

4 of the best friends you could ever ask for! Thanks for a great weekend. Sidfläsk rules. But the real rulers are Strul MC!

More to come from the great and 25'th Round the ol' Frog Sea Tour. Gotta work now though...

torsdag 19 augusti 2010

onsdag 18 augusti 2010

And we're off...

For the 25'th Mälaren Runt. Some kind of report from this illustrious gathering of man and machine will most likely follow. But not untill monday or tuesday or

See you in Enköping at Strul!

måndag 16 augusti 2010

There we go again...

Mr Longhair thinks i whine and complain in a unflattering nostalgic fashion about days gone by. And yes I do! I'm pining, not for the Fjords, but for a Flathead. So here's another great example. Credits to the photografer and to whoever built this nice piece of art!

lördag 14 augusti 2010

Who sez...

... you cant do kool shit on swingarms! The 66 might be lookin at a drastic change of apperance this winter... This bike is quite ... quite... dang... And I really like the modern tires, the brit muffler and all of that "you-cant-do-that" shit. After two blown tires, for example, I'm getting tired of old, hard, cracked, retro rubbers just because it looks good standing still...

A nice line up.

A 53 FL, a WL, a chop with a 45" flattie, a 46 U and a 41 El... In the old Högsbo garage...

torsdag 12 augusti 2010


Here's a tip for all of us shy and timid guys. Buy brown cigarettes and get chicks!

Two is the magic number!

Two cylinders, two front light, two chicks with two titties, two pipes and two wheels and two o's in pool. And, which you've probably noticed, this text is really too corny...

onsdag 11 augusti 2010

Kinda no school style...

... on the flattie but Mathias EL bobber was more like it should be. Mathias, my second brother is in the process of restoring back to a "original" looking 41 EL fenders n'all. Actually hes been in the process for a few years now... So we'll se and hopefully he'll find some time of to join us to Mälaren Runt next weekend.

Ceck out the stylish auxillary front fender for rainy august runs in Swedish terrain. Biltema is the shit!

I know Mr Duckman...

I swiped the image from your page, but since its (or was) my bike I hope it's ok. Just cant find any of my own anywhere and since I'm travelling down memory lane in a Flattie nostalgic kind a way I just had to post this too!

Bought this bike from Mr Chopper MH in Strängnäs quite a while ago. Miss it still!


My friend and club brother! Almost integrated in his ride, take them apart an something is missing!

45's get the job done!

Johannes an Freudo a few years back on the road to Mälaren Runt I believe. Their facial expression are directly correlated to the feeling the little flathead mill induces in the rear parts of the human anatomy! You just cant get that with OHV technology...

tisdag 10 augusti 2010

Mälaren Runt 1999

Freudo, Me and G exstatic! Great weather, thousands of bikes and the certainty of a great party in just a few hours at Strul MC (they're the greatest!).
But probably the most of our happines is derived from what we're riding! Flatheads and Flatheads that carried us from Göteborg to Enköping to Stockholm and around Mälaren back to Enköping and then finally back to Göteborg - roughly 1200 kilometers in a weekend.
Sore asses - happy hearts!

My Flathead in dress

Looks kinda sweet. It was almost "restored" (in a very limited fashion by real restoration standard) and built up at the time of the photo. Just to get it registerd at the swedish DMV and then to tear down and chopperize as best I could at the time. Well, I dont know that much now niether come to think of it...

My flattie in 05/06

Got some flak for the weird choice of a black tank and a red fender... They probably didnt observe my avantgarde fashion statement in matching the fender with the oilpump... morons!

Mälaren Runt is coming up!

And that's huge! It's down rite a semi holy occasion! It's a time for grown men to revert to little boys and have a blast with bikes and tents and listen to modern music in a live format. Someone even spread a rumor that the Fab T-Birds will honor the Strul Motorgården for a visit and a tune or two! Get the barbeque ready and let's ride!

Things that make you go..

...yeah! First and foremost my little OG Carl Tage Bror Belin (on the bike) as well as my Tyra and Axel makes me think and feel yeah so many times a day it's unreal. To be truthful they make me go bananas once in a while too...

But on top of the list thats not the family and friends list I think my old Flathead Chop still resides comfortably. I just cant get the same feeling of a OHV. It's fun but it ain't da thang!

måndag 9 augusti 2010

no words...

...can describe what I feel for this. So just listen to his music and you'll hear it.

söndag 8 augusti 2010

CA called...

and my knuckle bottom is ready for pickup. And this is what it's going to look like when and if I get done without changing plans. Which is quite likely. But it will be slow comfortable screw..ing with plenty of time to re-think. I'll go for 18" rims though. With nice good quality Shinko tires for decent money. Otherwise it's pretty much going to be flagrant plagerism! Hope I dont get caught and expelled from the old school... (ha ha bad joke there...sorry)
This bike was built by Garagecompany in LA and they are totally great at getting the right styleee...Resepct! And thanks for all inspiration!

A great day for a Hot Dog

Hot Dogs at P's way up in the beautiful Västgöta schlääättta! What a day, what a bunch of great people, what a great ride. And on top of that, this occasion was documented way better than my crappy iPhone images. Keep your fingers crossed and your eyes peeled to motorcycle magazines. There might be a professional piece of work about this gathering of men/women an machines and hot dogs with english mustard, fried onion and an entertaining but almost scary petrol explosion. Did I mention Hotrods and Peters Charger and pick ups and...

A days work...

...was all Mattias needed to transform a previously kinda neutral looking bike to this real kool ride (and thats not because it only takes aday - it because he's a wizard with obscure ancient metalmanoeuvering abilities). And it's a style of bike that is making me more and more wanna-have everyday. They look like real riders. Long and hard and often. Not for show or for looking kool. For riding. Like the panshovel Rickard has, and this one.

fredag 6 augusti 2010

what to do, what to do???

Need to replace rather boring Shorty with something more fun. And with my polished Roth air scoop I think a Linkert is the way to go, but a double trouble SU from a mini cooper is kinda humorous... And thats fun!

Is that P on P's bike...

Of course not. P doesn't have a green dress like that. He's got the boots, but not the dress. Anyway, thats Katy telling us it's August.

Thanks G for your good work with the Calender and Katy