tisdag 15 januari 2013

Wanna have one!

Found this on the interweb and it's really cool. Maybe I'll try to make something like it myself... Got the tank to chop, the switch and how to do it in my head. To bad it wont reach my hands. But I'll try just the same I think. After some more TIG practice amongst other stuff.

onsdag 9 januari 2013

All parents - here's a thought!

Nutrition and happiness in a bottle!

fredag 4 januari 2013

Check out Shorpy

Coolest site on the interweb. Old photos en masse that will keep you amazed for hours...

torsdag 3 januari 2013

For family outings this spring

Wife and two kids on this and one behind me... and of we go. Maybe not so fast, but who needs speed when you got your family along!

Jannes Beeza

A 29 BSA flattie with alot of attitude. It's up for sale for the right price. Ohh how I wish...