onsdag 30 mars 2011

The koolest and nicest biker in Sweden!

And Sidfläsk MC will be going to the Old School Chop & Bob run f'sure. Nothing beats going to Enköping to visit the Struls! Last year we went a day early to Mälaren runt. And this year seems like we'll be going twice!
Just gotto get a ride in order... preferably of a sidevalve type of construction...

söndag 27 mars 2011

Pan out Knuckle in!

Finally got the old EL ready to put in a chassi. Some swell dudes have helped me to get it in order and now I just need to get it in place, do some shit with fenders and sissys and whatnot. And yeah, squrit some paint here and there and I might end up with a dandy chop in a couple of weeks (optimist is my name...).
And today it snowed... jumpin jiminies, isn't that just so neat!

fredag 25 mars 2011

Shit's alot kooler in B/W

And Flatheads come out on top any day of the week...

tisdag 22 mars 2011

twin injuns

Even if I'm not so much for "stock" cycles i gotto admit that my heart starts thumpin' a wee bit faster when I see them fancy skirts. And all of a sudden the brain starts thinkin that it would be a "good investment" with an injun in the garage. You know as a good business set up... they increase in value more than a bank accou... Get real and stuffit says the wife, and I go back to what I'm doing. Someday though...

Picture from last years Bengaloos bike show in Uddevalla.

fredag 18 mars 2011


Thanks ZZ...

...chop for this eminent swingarm chop. Been selling my 66 but I'm starting to think I might just make something like this of it. And by the way ZZ Top is a real swell orchesta, or rather they used to be, just listen to the First Album...

onsdag 9 mars 2011

Wanna saddle like that!!!!!

An' amma gonna git one too! fo shoo!

torsdag 3 mars 2011

The only cool Baja with Harley on it

Saw some loser attempt by the Factory to become kool... Or in other words, to exploit the skater/chopper/Dice/greaser vibe... You know the Fuck this let's ride carefree and youthful but still built 100 choppers and know all about it with full-sleaves kinda scene .
Well Harley in their infinite marketing wisdom... get ready for this... (this is some serious lame ass conference room with client and agency co-creating) They coin the really self confident "we're a 103 year old company with dignity and integritys" catchy phrase ...SCREW this. Let's ride!!!
And then they proceed to recruit some has-been skaters (what do I know) put them stock HOG's - well maybe an Ape Hanger or two to spice 'em up. And send them on a extremely well produced movie makin' excursion into dangerous Baja de Califonayiey. Shucks, it is so phake it reaks...

And it aint half as kool the Baja above I tell you... caus that is for real!

Bikes are fun - attitudes ain't (unless they are for real). So why a legendary brand does such a crappy, downright silly and brand destructive attempt to copy something else is totaly ebyond me!

I thought it was a joke but it ain't... It fucks with two big things in my life choppers and advertising. making both look bad. Good thing you aint messin with the biggest... Then i'd really get pissed!

Now I've been grumpy so G'nite!