onsdag 29 december 2010

Life is grand!

Watch and enjoy... or dont. I dont care

tisdag 28 december 2010

Been out steelin' again!

Real kool image found on motorcycleart. Thanks. Pic. features Randy Smith who really was a creative force within the choppin' industry. And Nicke tells me that the panlids I have are the real deal from CCE in the sixties. And I'm thinkin they might even be the ones on this bike... Sure... got to be... absolutely!


Today it's minus 15 degrees celisius which means it's colder than a witches tittie... And lookin at this pic from last summer makes me a bit warmer. On the way around Mälaren for the run of the season. I think this was our eleventh year or something... And we'll be back next year to.

måndag 27 december 2010

swingarms are go!

Don't know why but swingarms rides keep poppin' up everywhere. And they smoke! I think this is from the parkinglot outside the Mooneyes show in ol'Yokohama this year. Really nice and rebel - like!

Maybe I wont sell the 66 electra... might just chop it up...

I swiped this image from some site I forget - thanks.

fredag 24 december 2010

Merry Christmas all!

A few moments of gittar and singin Stevies tunes during christmas eve. My brother Mathias playin and singin (and he'll be pissed I posted it...). And me trying not to sing to loud and out of tune. But tha fact of the matter is that Stevie Ray made a real difference in our lives and singin to his memory on a X-mas night feels real good.

So have a merry christmas and do good things to others. And the peace sign is in and trendy. so throw out your swazis and replace 'em with peace signs and we'll have a great new year!

onsdag 22 december 2010

Git wid it!

I miss 'em bad everytime I listen to anything they've ever done... Nothing really compares.

söndag 19 december 2010

As seen on Youtube, I think...

I think this really neat flattie is on a clip on Youtube somewhere. Some guy kicks it to life and the sound just makes you want to move to another country where there is bike weather all year around. And you have a flathead of course...

If anybody has any info on the bike and who owns it and if they have a blog or site or something, I would really appreciate it. Because the styling and the build is so nice and bright. So I might learn somthing more from him.

And i give respect and cred to CoC for the pic. I blatantly swiped it cause its so good - both pic and bike.

tisdag 14 december 2010

28 A Ford Bed

Left side back end needs work. Everything else pretty much fresh. Woood needs replcaing. By all means a good and workable bed. The Real Deal - no RePop!

Linda's Pan! With all the goodies!

This summer she'll be koolest on the road! And Peter will be right behind on the red knuckle trying to catch up!

fredag 10 december 2010

not much bike... more rod

The Juxtapod is really on the go. Mattias LeBeef and Ludvig have crafted and we're getting closer to the first appearance at Automässan 2011 in Gotheburg. I haven't put in an hour of wrenchin' since I dont know the first thing about buildning rods, but I'm trying in my officelike manners to move things along and find partners and friends to realize and finalize this grand idea!

If you think you'll have fun with us and can use this idea and rod-ride in some awkward way and have a buck or two two to spend - mail me at johan@thesunnysideup.se.

If you dont and just want to tag along and check what'll become of it - go to juxtapodhotrod.blogspot.com

Peace and over and out!

torsdag 2 december 2010

Eat dust family style

Got these kool koasters frpm Mattias and he got them from a real nice clothing company called Eat Dust Clothing. Check them out at:


Anyway, they found a new mission in the family context when my kids and I made some X-mas lanterns of the Eat Dust Koaster, tin foil and sugarcubes... and let's not foreget some good ol' skool glue (no use sniffin' that). We all think they turned out real swell.

Tomorrow night though I think the real deal in a jug of Red Stripe will find itself right at home on the the one koeaster that I've got left. And maybe a shot of JD on the side...

måndag 29 november 2010

Add some rubber!

And it will be on the front end of the flattie chop to be. And speaking of that I'm in a constant query to swap my 66 electra for some flattie goodies... a 4.3/4 stroke on a 80" bore with carillo rods and other goodies like classic Corvair pistons. Expertly built by the legendary CA in Falkenberg. This keeps me up at night... my eyes wide open staring in the ceiling. See I need the cash for other stuff, but my soul needs a flattie stroker. I even got the cool new alu/lookslikeiron lids from Timpa and Vesku in Finland - check them out at VT- cycle.

So if you're interested in flathead 74" cylinders, engine cases, T&O flattie flywheels, VL frame and some other goodies please contact me. And the RL springer rear fork leg with a 1" post. Call me, mail me so I can build the Flattie stroker chop of my dream. Mattias even gave me a sissybar for it the other day! Thanks, by the way!

torsdag 25 november 2010

Close to perfection...

I want it and whoever built it has true class and taste! Fan-freakin-tastic... I feel a tear in my eye, a green tear of envy and jealousy. It aint pertty but it's a fact - only human. And bored stiff in frezin winter in ol' sveden.

tisdag 23 november 2010

This aint SoCal...

Suppose this is the first snow thats ever landed on this former SoCal IH A100 pickem' up truck. Looks good though in the grim light and light snowfall.
Had to put it outside for a while, while I in a futile effort tried to change to winter tyres on my daily ride. The fuckers wouldn't come lose even though I was at it for hours. I ended up putting the winter tyres in the trunk to have the changed for me. So this morning a skidded around and manged to slide right into another frekin car at the kids school parking lot making an utter fool out of myself and wreckin the family budget at the same dang time!
So I'm pissed and seriously contemplating to go for a jogg to blow some steam off. But what the fudge, might as well be bloggin' instead of joggin' in the freezin weather outside...

fredag 19 november 2010

onsdag 17 november 2010

Epic and vivid!

What a pic. i'm stunned and i'm digging out my old vinyls. Abbey Road here we go! Dang where are they...?

onsdag 10 november 2010

Food, chile and a red truck!

All three in Thailand and all make you feel real good. I miss my family though...

söndag 7 november 2010

LeBeef had one...

... on his super-pan (which Magnus now is the keeper of). I found one too and I have it safely in my garage. And hopefully it will light up the rear end of my flattie chop to be. As I said before. Stay safe and just copy the guys who know where it's at!

See y'all in a week, Gone to Thailand!

onsdag 3 november 2010

Words from Lars Falk - an advertising legend in Sweden!

As I might have mentioned I work in the advertising industry. In Sweden that is. These words are in swedish and I'm not going to translate, but they are wise and they boosted me today. And probably tomorrow too.

In short they say that advertising is kind of important and very human.

Tut, tut!

Allt människan uttrycker är partsinlaga. Allt tal, all skrift, allt målande, musicerande, skulpterande, designande, byggande är reklam för den egna viljan, ambitionen, kunskapen, åsikten, idén, affären.
Ett brev är reklam. En tavla är reklam. Ett hus är reklam.
En stol, ett bord, en brödrost och en gräddvisp är reklam. Tut, tut, här kommer jag och ingen annan.
Kläder gör reklam för den som bär dom. Mat berättar om vem det är som just nu äter den. Allt är signaler, hopp om kontakt.
En smekning är reklam. Den vill berätta hur den som smeker känner det. Och den vill få den som smeks att känna exakt vad som menas.
Kroppsspråk är reklam. Intill det mest osynliga ögonkastet. Ofta kallar man det här för kommunikation istället – det känns finare. Men reklam är ett ärligare begrepp – reklamen erkänner att den säljer. Kommunikation låtsas ofta att den bara roar.
Reklam vill att det den bär på sina vingar skall fastna hos mottagaren. Inte bara tjusa ögat eller örat en stund.
Reklam, som uttrycksform, arbetar med det mest väsentliga vi människor söker; gemenskap. Det näst sista vi vill är att bli ensamma. Utan relationer. Ingen att bry sig om.
Det sista vi vill är att dö. Till och med där finns en skillnad; dö älskad eller dö ensam.

tisdag 2 november 2010

lotsa famiglia today

Probably wouldn't find chops all that fun if my brother wasn't along.

I'm a lucky dad!

Got to work att 06.00 this morning and now att 08.00 and daybreak I'm getting homesick and emotional... It's autumn vacation for my kids and I'd really like to be home with them. But i'm not so I'll post a pic to keep me company.

söndag 31 oktober 2010

Hard to beat...ever!

An autumn ride around town

A couple of hour is all thats needed to get spirits up.

fredag 29 oktober 2010

A weekend feelin´to it

Long, colorful and real fun! More like a dream than reality. But someday I'm going to build one with a souped up KHK mill - maybe I'll even try to swipe Cal Rayborns old KRTT one. Heard it's real cheap... And then I usually wake up and it's monday morning...

onsdag 27 oktober 2010

tisdag 26 oktober 2010

In awe...

I've run across this bike a number of times in the chopper related blogosphere now. And it's understandable. It's a beaut. This and Sibbans flattie chop tells me not to try to be an innovator - but just to copy those who know better!

måndag 25 oktober 2010

Repentful or just pissed of?

Or just downright funny? I'm refering to the grin on Paul Juniors face. Anyways its good to see how the web and bloggers caught on and that right should be right. And now it seems to be!

Just for the rercord - there is some controversy over the word repentful... the question is if it is a real word. I dont giva a hoot because I think remorseful isn't as biblical.

Would you buy a used motorcycle from this man?

I did! Mr Chopper sold me the first BT Flathead I ever owned. It ran like crap when I tried it in Strängnäs after a 4.5 hour drive from home. The linkert was way out of whack, timing was of and the clutch (råttfällan) was basically unoperable (strange word there...). But I bought it anyway and it ran great after some work and friendly assistance from smart and able buddies. And since then Flatheads are in a leauge of their own to me. They aren't cooler, faster, better or anything like that, compared to OHV, just different in the best of ways!

Matte is a legendary Chopper righteous guy and totally great to meet and talk to. Which was the case at Hönö saturday night, when Pontus and all in the island-connection put on a great party. Thanks guys and come january we'll meet up at our place for the mid-winter barbeque!

onsdag 20 oktober 2010

Autumn blues turns into a winter quest

Sibbans flattie chop gave me the spirit of chop chop. Hap Jones gave me the tank. Two great finnish brothers gave me aluminum heads in the form of iron ones. And Rickard gave me a rigidized Duo frame and finally good ole Joe the magneto.

In no instances except Sibbans inspiration has anyone really given anything - gave just sounded better in the above paragraph. It has all been paid for in full. Except Sibbans gas cap... which is a real bad concience issue for me... And which color is the color of guilt?

In short - I'm starting to feel inspired and want to get to work!

måndag 18 oktober 2010

lo carb no fat and autumn blues

The dreary season is upon us. We light candles and pop pop corn to kid ourselves that we like it, but with no success. We might even put a nice Linkert DC on a buddy seat piedestal and admire it for a while and then regress into autumn apathy.

The nice brass choke part Benny Å made. I just bought it with the intention of running it on... well I dont give a flying...

Just kidding I do give a fudge and I think it's going on the Duoglide eventually or if I get another one it might make a fresh double trouble set up for the extra big flattie thats going in the rigid conversion Duo frame.

I've seen the light and it's Sibbans flattie chop! So we'll make it through the dark wet cold times ahead!

torsdag 14 oktober 2010

The Pike

or Esox Lucius by our honorary Sidfläsk MC member in the south of Stockholm. Former World Champion Stellan Egeland. This guy has turned the bike building world upside down twice! First with this never-seen-before hot rod bike. And then two years later with the Hulster 8 valve. It's an amazing feat that probably wont bee seen or heard of again!

Picture is from Mälaren Runt this summer right before we got drunk enough to start up alco-revving.

Bengans 45" Wilma in the background. Se purrs real sweet to. But Bengan is mature and doesnt believe in alco-revving.

I work in advertising, therefore I post this. It's not a joke! Its the way it is!

onsdag 13 oktober 2010

Last night in my hood...

Even though autumn sucks - it can be beautiful here up north im Schweden.

spoke length?HelloooOOO!?

I want to lace a sportsterdrum into a KH original Harley 18" rim but haven't found out what length spokes I should have. Seems like they were onlu laced into 19" and later on 21" rims. I guess I could measure and make a educated guess, but I'd just rather ask and hope that someone might answer...

And probably find out that I'm basically alone in this little introvert part of the chopper blogosphere...

HelllloooOOO... is anybody outthERE????

torsdag 7 oktober 2010

Bastard WK

G is buiding a WK bastard son of a mill. That's not G as in ServiCar but as in good ol' Göran - our role model and western boots afficionado and basically most anything else nice!

He's aiming for 40 hp from this little bugger. Let's see how close he'l l get.

onsdag 6 oktober 2010

Up for sale - even though it hurts...

66 Electra - and fittingly the the electric start is missing since real men kickstart their rides.
But it's a great piece of machinery. Starts, runs and rides like a charm.

Interested? mail me.

tisdag 5 oktober 2010


Keep It Simple Stupid... is one of the best advices there is - and formulated in a clever way!
Man, that's a sweet ride. To the point and expressive as hell just because it's so dang simple. Ther's no stupid on whoever put this ride together - just tons of class and confidence!

This made my otherwise crappy evening real good.I'm at work trying to catch up on the workload. I should be home with my wife and kids or in the garage...

A Van Halen tuesday!

måndag 4 oktober 2010

Paul jr - Theif Designer!

The muppet show's Paulie junior been caught steeelin' He's gone from Cheif designer of Spider web and space shuttle hogs to Theif designer of Falcon Motorcycles... Dont know which is best?

Anyways I think I heard that the chopper related blogosphere rage caught little Paulie in the ear so ferociously he's deleted all images of him sportin' Falcon property.

Maybe him an dad senior are bustin up some doors, thrashin a pickup or two or just screamin their heads of in OCC rage.

But I dont give a fuck... or it might make some good TV!

lördag 2 oktober 2010

Duo in a visible format

well, at least moreso than the previous pic.

fredag 1 oktober 2010

FL 61-64

Double curcuit braker but with a manual advance. Real deal single fire technology, or? Who says the MoCo moved slowly?

But, it makes me a bit worried that 65 and later they move back to single contact point breaker but with automatic advance... So should I deduct that the twin system wasn't really all that great...

Please help me out here guys! I'm struggling as it is...

torsdag 30 september 2010

Almost done!

All thats left now is a bunch of hours, cases of beer, gallons of coffee, nuts n' bolt, busted knuckles, sweat, stupid misstakes, inabilities, good advice, bad welding, not so round holes, grinding, polishing. But most of all FUN!

And maybe a camera and photographer of better quality...

onsdag 29 september 2010


Or more like a real bonafide Flathead... Crystal skull by Ludvig, handpainted and crowned with a flattie chopper! When I grow up and git some money I might just buy it!

Thanks CD!

For letting me use your pic. on some cool dudes flathead chop. I reason that flatheads are like bacon. They make you feel good and yummy. And then it's only natural that you want to share them with everyone around you. And with some eggs over easy it's a meal! Which reminds me - it's lunchtime here in Sweden and I was up at 0500 this morning with only a bowl of cereal to my name!

But if you dont like Bacon CD, please let me know and I'l scramble to remove'em from this pan of a blog...

tisdag 28 september 2010

So red hot and sweet!

Pinched this from some nice and tasteful blog. But I couldn't resist it. Beautiful pic and bike and Harleys with cuts is just something real special... It's like one of those no-no's thats always a yes-yes!

Whippit, whippit good... in a gold lamé dinner jacket

lördag 25 september 2010

tisdag 21 september 2010

Look what I found...

... in an old MCM. The ad for brother Mathias knuckle from +10 years ago I think. The style is quite the fad these days - it wasn't really then. We(Freudo and me) however convinced Mathias rebuild it to a 50's bobber which he also did. And now he's in the process of going Original with it. Fenders, toolbox, crashbars - the works. Well, that's when he's built the new house first and secured a CEO position!

By the way , we've convinced him to do alot of stuff through the years. Like when we convinced him to apply to fighter pilot school in the swedish airforce. He made it galantly through all the extremely difficult tests but when the Airforce shrink asked him why he so wanted to be a pilot he kinda answered that he didn't so want to be a pilot... So now he's not...

Once Freudo also convinced him to try his homemade parachute - from an old sail... But that's another story.

söndag 19 september 2010

just dreamin'...

...on a sunday afternoon.