måndag 26 november 2012

One of the altime greatest

This bike from Corner always made me jealous... I still think it's one of the koolest ever and tha exhaust set up rules to this day. The bike itself spent some time in our Sidfläsk MC garage sin Magnus J bought it from Corner I think. He sold it on though after a year or so and I didnt have the dough to get it unfourtunaltely. Thnks to Chopperdaves legendary web site for the pic. That site was the best for along time.

Very democratic and almost socialist hairdo...

Take from the rich and give to the poor... Donald you're a dork, dude. You're to full of yourself.

tisdag 20 november 2012

Use what you got!

That's the point of the whole thing. And make no excuses for it!

måndag 19 november 2012

Let's start this week with a Flathead!

Best start you can get. I think a Junk Motors Flatty (deducted by the name of the pic.) I dont know wher I got the pic from, but thanks! Hope it's alright. And if it is Junk motors I can proudly say I've got a saddle from them or Tom H who seems to run the Junk show. Outstanding work!

onsdag 14 november 2012

Ripped this Flattie from ...

... the excellent blogg The Zen of Neato. Always interesting content and really good pics. This I believe from a bike exhibit in Melbourne, Australia. Since Flatheads are my favourites as well as real motorcycles are - compared with all poser-bike builds - this one gets a top grade from me - if anyone cares - which I really dont give a s-t about...

A midsummers dream...

In the midst of darkness, rain and cold weather it's great to think of these sweet moments. It gets even better to think ahead and realize that I might be driving family and friends coming midsummer in a now v8 powered IH...

tisdag 13 november 2012

Peters risers

Fabricated by Peter for his neat knuckle project. A kool young dane dude with tons of knowledge and feel for old bikes. He'll make his mark in this here bidnizz, mark my word!

måndag 12 november 2012

It was kinda nice after all...

Hopefully come summer somthing like this will be back together... Chromed frame but need to take in rake - bummer but a must. Renovate and fix up springer. Put in flathead mill and make new un-red seat and new sissy. All this untill I change my mind in a few weeks...and then i'll do something else...

Now here's a fresh thought!

fredag 9 november 2012

A real live one!

In Copnhagen last weekend at the Scandinavian Motor Show. And it was in one of the phattest showcases that included, among many things, live goats... You figure the connection...

torsdag 8 november 2012

Nice! I like!

I want one of these one day! And I saw one in Copenhagen the other day! I know they are laughed at, but I dont give a hoot. They are cool, rare and defy all logic... Therefore so wantable!

Some more pics.

Not really friend with the iPhone camera and how to get reasonably good shoots in the garage. But it'll have to do. Some work and details to get it ready. And it's going to be hard to let go. But when I feel that way I look to my flathead project and then into my wallet and I get realistic and unemotional...

onsdag 7 november 2012

Knuckle taking on a new shape...

... for the umpteenth time. Wasnt real happy with the fendertip fender and 3.5 tank. This looks slimmer and more basic. The tank is a good compromise between reach and sex. Now need to get it on right. Bike is for sale eventually. Have one inquiry at present and hope it goes that way! Cheers!