tisdag 17 juli 2012

DC and I ain't talkning Washington.

Bennys crafted choke nozzle (or whatever it's called) in brass looks real neat and I have an idea for airfilter... Honda CB 450 comes to mind. Got a box of some ol crap from a 450 chop and one of them thingies might just do. Oooops gotta go - painting house and the missus is yellin' Peace!

fredag 6 juli 2012

Swede 16

Sebban saw the obvious! It's the Swede 16 I'm bolting together! Stole a few hours when the family was up the coast having summer. Made a little progress. Note that the rear fender is going to be the fender tip only. With the splash guard part of the primed fender... It would look silly as it is, wouldn't it. Hopefully I'll get my Linkert DC working on this. It would be nice. As well as getting the juice brake dry and un-leaking brake fluid all over my right foot and leg. Well, nothing remotely 60's bay area bad boy bike about this one. Nice!

måndag 2 juli 2012

The pot's in Gbg-town

Just didn't have the time to go looking for it even though I need it like a motherpucker. But I took a moment to enjoy!