fredag 30 juli 2010

And it's got fenders...

...which the Pan doesn't. And why is this a problem? Because today it's the A-Bombers Old Style Weekend and it's raining cats and dogs, and then some...

I left the Genny without covering it up because I rode to and home from the 1year LeBeef anniversary at Vargön last night. And I was soaked and so was the old Electra. So now it's alone in the rain and I'm inside with three kids wanting something to do.

Summertime... and the rain is pourin'

onsdag 28 juli 2010


Smaller and easier to handle than the chop. Still some small fine tuning to do, but I'll get there. Thanks Sebastian for lending me the final detail, round and shiny amd kind of closing the deal. Still waiting for my 21" with a small and real neat mechanical drumbrake of a Honda. Martin - are you done soon dude?

fredag 23 juli 2010

so stupid, but kinda fun

Well, another morning up at the break of dawn, wich is real early up north this time of year... After doing something not so wise as dismanteling the chop in mid summer to build it another way I have to stand my throw (a direct swedish translation...). But it is a nice way to wake up and it's fun fooling around in the garage. A-Bombers meeet/show is coming up so I better get moving. Today I got the Junkmotors seat in place and alot of other stuff done. Strange how everything always seems to take three times as long as you think. And even stranger that Inever learn!

Peace, love, over and out. Now I'm taking the kids to the beach!

tisdag 20 juli 2010


Freddan doin speed with the Cannonball knuckle straight into the heavy rain. He didn't let of on the throttle for one second... Me and third brother Mathias in car behind had a hard time keepin' up the pace. Freddans explaination for the damp speedfest was the that he had the full face helmet and it was real comfortable in the rain. You hardly felt it...

Awesome and real funny

Pontus who designed and built this must have all the skills possible ever and on top of that tons of humor. This bike is so kool and fun it's amazing. The slippery eeel. Once you think you have it figuered - it laughs in your face and slithers away leaving you wanting to see more. A worthy winner in any contest.

tisdag 13 juli 2010

Why ride when you can work...

Last night was the warmest and nicest night this year. So it was perfect to not go riding with friends, but move everything from the chop to another chop. Kind of stupid actually, but I havent found my way with the "long-fork" and it doesnt look good, or as good as I would like it to. It needs a few inches of stretch and a few degrees of less rake and, and, and and... And it's a bit scary too... So I thought I'd play it safe and ride something I'm more used to. And with a front brake (it's still not on though). A daily rider kind of, nuthin' fancy, but nice and comfortable.

So, still about a full nights worth of work to do... But then...

torsdag 8 juli 2010

Simply perfect

Even though the road twists and turns with stupid projects, dead ends, trucks that rattles n' rolls, choppers that seriously threatens your health and so on .... this is where that road leads i hope and wish. A KR or maybe a KH in a R-costume. And to reveal my innermost craving - I would like to se a XLCR standing beside it in my garage.

onsdag 7 juli 2010

choppers make you happy!

But as far as we've known as yet, they have no effect on your front teeth. So far that is...

Pimp that ass

Expert at work in pimpin' the derriere of Peters 69 Charger even further.

måndag 5 juli 2010

The pig is back!

He's been out of circulation for a while, but It seems that he might make a return in a new shape. Less obvious but nevertheless present... He's to good to be in the dark. He's to fat to not be moving around.

Gotta get sum'

Anybody know some laying around. What should I pay? All I's knows is I wnt sum' And need sum' since I'm spoking my own wheels now I need to cover up the shitty work I generally do...

Goin home...

Yes sir,
The legendary lookers are goin home. A covert message did the trick. He called, we talked and now it's a done deal. It's always a pleasure! We'll have a beer and a laugh in Göteborg when you come over.

And what did I get... now thats untold. Discretion is a must in dealings on this level, you see!

fredag 2 juli 2010

Legendary lookers

are hibernating on the shelves of my shop. They dont belong there, they belong somewhere else. Hum... I tank, I mean think I'll trade them for something nice...hum...