torsdag 29 april 2010

Darn y'all!

Amazing - both rod and photography. I saw a bunch of pictures by Dan Greenberg from a rod meet in Texas. Check it out (you'll have to find 'em yourselves - but if you found this blog I dont think it will be to hard for you, cyberseekers!) and be impressed-

A lot like art - beauty and pain.

Mattias LeBeef is getting stuff together - the dropped front axle, frame and springs. This is assembly is to determine the length of the hairpins and is not final. And he's paynig a price for it. Like all artists he suffers... This time it was a thumb that took the punishment. Grinding both springs and thumb I would imagine.. right Mattias?

måndag 26 april 2010

Chopps gettin' there... Since the rod is a year away probably, it's nice with a vehicle that is close to being rideable. Still som work that will probably take anywhere from three to six times longer than I think. Some threads will bust, I'll put a wrench somewhere where it will do more harm than good. And the elctrics will, as always, screw me around. And the electrics on a bike like this is minimal to say more or less non exsisiting... But thats what we love. Fudgeing up once or twice and then kinda getting it right. Right enough to go riding! Yeah thats what we want to now - go riding!

söndag 25 april 2010

Now and again I shed a tear for my ol' trusty flattie. But It was a good trade with Nicke and he kept it like this for about 35 hours before he tore it apart and started working his weird magic on it. I think the guy is going original on it. I get pictures of parts in a Parker stew now and again and off course a pic. of a double trouble Linkert set up that looks anything but original.... But I guess we'll see come summer! I'm real curious to see what it will be like.

Dang! This is going to be real nice.

Having had a slow blogging week I hope/plan to pick up the pace. Here's another illustration by Ludvig on the interior. It's going to be a kool cheesy bling bling kinda vibe to the interior. Or so are the plans at the moment anyways.

I'm on the home strech with the Pan chopper and hopefully my sweet wife will let me spend a few hours in the garage tonight. And if so I'll take some pictures and post.

And by the way, Rickard, Sibba and the guys att the coolest garage this side of the mississippi - thanks for a great friday night. Great bikes, great interior, great beer fridge!

tisdag 20 april 2010

We call it Crystal Myth. Firstly because it's an idea and a vision so far (I'll get back to how the idea came about real soon) so it will be a myth till the day we fire it up, rev it like a motherpucker and let it loose. But also because crystal - or art glass as it's sometimes called - will be a important part in realizing this crazy idea.

Mind you - this is not an art project or an "art-rod". It's a real bonafide Hot Rod with the right parts, built the right way with the right look and feel. The difference is that we'll use a material for some parts that really hasn't been used that much. And them parts will be designed and made by Ludvig and his trusted crew att the Åfors glass-shop. And to see that we're in the right school rod-wise we got that bearded metal artist known around the world as Le Beef.

måndag 19 april 2010

Sneak preview of Freudo's knuckle hot-rod race deluxe. Give it a week or so and he'll be out and about Gothenburg blastin'. Hopefully I'll be right behind - but probably far far behind.

Another piece in the puzzle. A 50 Ford all in one gauge. Ebay find at a reasonabel price by my friend and club brother - Göran K. Thanks G for your help!

fredag 16 april 2010

Dont be spit in the face, be wind in the back... just picked that up from an new comedy show on TV. And since it has nothing to do with this image other than it's nice I thought it appropriate...

torsdag 15 april 2010

An image just arrived from Ludvig. Fabrication of a slightly different sort than in most Rod building projects. So in a short while we'll see some results. And in a way it will reveal the whole idea of the rodbuild.
Yet another illustration and vision of what might be. Ludvigs craft and artistry in a Kustom application. It's nice on paper and I cant't wait for it to be in metal, rubber and ...

We're looking for a nice pair of these Buick taillights. If you have some to sell pls. give me a holler! Missed acouple on ebay but still trying. Ridicoulus pricing går bort (as we say in Sweden...)

onsdag 14 april 2010

The Black Keys put the feeling I get from real rides and bikes into music... Thickfreakness for your enjoyment. Buy Black Keys albums and support their good deed of keeping it real in a music industry thats turning to enter-freakin-tainment only. They've got a new one coming out i may. Brothers I think it's named

And here's one of Ludvig in his natural habitat... smokin'

A short videoclip of Sensei LeBeef in action. Choppin the roof. Ludvig and me are trying to stay out of the picture... We have a ton of un-edited cuts so stay tuned for more and better edits.

International Harvester A 100 - 58. In Galveston with destination Göteborg. So it's christmas in 6-8 weeks. But not for long... But I might get to drive it for a while.

Since Ludvig and me wisley got Mattias at Le Beef to help us build, fabricate and assist with his wisdom in the Rod challenge I need to fool around with some stuff also. So this is the focus of my attenttion an fumbeling fingers at the moment. I 57 pan in a classic chopper outfit. I bought frame, tins and seat from Per in Falkenberg but it was initially built and fabricated by a JL up in Strängnäs.
I've changed it around a bit with a twisted springer wire wheels and a double SU set up. Should be ready in a week or two.

tisdag 13 april 2010

To conclude my first day as a blogger thought I'd leave y'all with an image of the "early days". In other word about 6 months ago.

It's a 28 A Ford Pickup and you see six Strombergs ontop of the rubber motor mock-up. Them two tired tyres alter ego a 348 that is of for som TLC by the twins and Thom. G'nite folks!
The vision as illustrated by the artist himself, Ludvig Löfgren. As a sneak preview of whats to come.

So stay tuned - or more like - why dontcha drop by once in a while.

Also dont miss to visit our friend and fabrication partner Mattias at LeBeef Kustom metalworks. It's his craft and genious you'll see realizing Ludvigs and my vision of the rod to be.

By Mattias at LeBeef. The metal parts of the gas tank to be. Ludvig is in the process of doing his sparkling magic. So stay tuned for the revelation of the first sign of what's in store for the world to revel! Big words! Big stuff in the works!

A first entry of many to come, hopefully. I'm going to make sure that I take my time in getting started so I get it right. It's serious business being unserious. It takes some effort to have fun and to try to do shit that really doesn't matter to most people. Like getting all emotional and happy to see the image above. Sent by Mattias LeBeef last friday night. I was sitting at dinner with two good friends and they were discussing cars. Nice cars mind you - ferraris and astons - but the dont realy jank my chain (or what they say). This does however and I'll post more as the puzzle is completed.

I'll probably post rides and bikes and junk related. Stuff we like alot - hence Megustomuch. Yes I know it should be Megusta - much but I dont give a ratsass! It don't sound right! And in a way it's mostly about selfsatisfaction, since we won't do it if we dont like it.

Also I'll probably post stuff relating to eating and drinking and having a good time. I'll probably be all mushy and daddylike and show some pics of my kids and family. Hats of to Jeremiah at Love Cycles for doing that. Since family is theee thaaang. Metal shit comes right after that, but never before!

But first and foremost I'll post stuff about the making of the koolest and kraziest ( and Ludvig think...) AFord pickup rod in a long time. By the way I'll present me and Ludvig sooner than later...