lördag 28 april 2012

Pickin' by Junior

Saw him live in '96 at Austin Town Hall SXSW. First we had a beer with Stevie Ray down by the Town Lake and then this. Probably one of the greatest shows I've ever been to.

fredag 27 april 2012

Partylovers listen up!

Follow the bass and your mind will expand...Robert T on bass and Cyco Mike leads the way...Nevermind cousin Randy.

fredag 20 april 2012

Hot Rod Hank came to visit.

Alway nice to spend some time with Martin, a walking encyclopedia of good stuff to know about chops and rods and all (good/worthwhile) things fueled by gas. And what relly sets him apart is that he's a Flathead fanatic! 'cept for two Panheads... Cant figure that one out.

Cheers mate - come around more often! (or maybe it's me who need to be there more often...

fredag 6 april 2012

Totally insanely awesome

Built by Claes Wärefors whos put out a number of great bikes over the years that I've seen MCM and admired alot. This one I got to experience live at Custom Motor Show in Jönköping last night. It is one of the coolest bikes ever.

torsdag 5 april 2012

The koolest album cover yet!

Some fuckup put this piece of art among waht the douche called "The worst Album Covers ever". This is by far on of the koolest, funniest and greatest ideas ever! And if you dont see it I cant fucking explain it to you - moron!

JGW's the man!

onsdag 4 april 2012

More on the favourite flattie

Got this pic of the builder and happy owner from late 60's from the present owner Anders of Bobbers MC. A feel good image if there ever was one. To me this is what it's all about. I dont know Tompa Ö, but now he's surley a hero for me!