fredag 24 februari 2012

Groove surprise

I've been surprised by good music now and again. Some music you kinda grew up with like it was always there. Like the Clash and Stevie ray and such. But then and again you get to hear soemthing that kinda surprises you.Like the time I bought Electric by the Cult and it caught me of guard totally and blew my mind. Like hearing American Ruse by the MC5 or the first time I heard ZZ Top - First Album in '74 I think. Or Kyuss in the early 90's... Or seeing Junior Brown in Austin at SXSW... Well this crew blew my mind tonight big time!!!! Totally awesome!

Words just dont suffice...

I wanna go home and have fredagsmys NOW!

onsdag 8 februari 2012

A fishy favourite!

Lurking in the shoreline ready to bite hard. The Esox Lucius (the pike) makes a mean statement all over with it's perfectly engineered killing traits and disposition. And most of all it's powerful biting flat head!

tisdag 7 februari 2012

A gem

Perras Duoglide is a perfect specimen and this is a pic Freudo and I will have on the garage wall when we finally get to start up on our own Duo project. I dont think we'll have the amount of trimmings and goodies like Perras. But we have the windshield and lamp-ramp and some other neat stuff. The bubble bags kill me though. I gotta git some... Maybe I'll have to pop my ebay cherry. Dont want to, but might have to. About a year ago I saw a pair badly bruised and utterly beautiful that went for about a grand. Probably alot cheaper now duhhh! Hopefully we'll get crackin soon and start posting whatever progress we might be able to acomplish. Judging by the progress so far these last three years we're looking at a 5 year plan... maybe...

måndag 6 februari 2012

miles in the ground

Bro speedin full ahead. Nice shot by Janne Lindström from Mälaren Runt (The Frog sea run) about two years ago.

torsdag 2 februari 2012

unchained thinking!

Pontus is real awesome and an artist craftsman. His bikes are so full of great out of the box ideas and solutions. Impressive to say the least!