måndag 29 november 2010

Add some rubber!

And it will be on the front end of the flattie chop to be. And speaking of that I'm in a constant query to swap my 66 electra for some flattie goodies... a 4.3/4 stroke on a 80" bore with carillo rods and other goodies like classic Corvair pistons. Expertly built by the legendary CA in Falkenberg. This keeps me up at night... my eyes wide open staring in the ceiling. See I need the cash for other stuff, but my soul needs a flattie stroker. I even got the cool new alu/lookslikeiron lids from Timpa and Vesku in Finland - check them out at VT- cycle.

So if you're interested in flathead 74" cylinders, engine cases, T&O flattie flywheels, VL frame and some other goodies please contact me. And the RL springer rear fork leg with a 1" post. Call me, mail me so I can build the Flattie stroker chop of my dream. Mattias even gave me a sissybar for it the other day! Thanks, by the way!

torsdag 25 november 2010

Close to perfection...

I want it and whoever built it has true class and taste! Fan-freakin-tastic... I feel a tear in my eye, a green tear of envy and jealousy. It aint pertty but it's a fact - only human. And bored stiff in frezin winter in ol' sveden.

tisdag 23 november 2010

This aint SoCal...

Suppose this is the first snow thats ever landed on this former SoCal IH A100 pickem' up truck. Looks good though in the grim light and light snowfall.
Had to put it outside for a while, while I in a futile effort tried to change to winter tyres on my daily ride. The fuckers wouldn't come lose even though I was at it for hours. I ended up putting the winter tyres in the trunk to have the changed for me. So this morning a skidded around and manged to slide right into another frekin car at the kids school parking lot making an utter fool out of myself and wreckin the family budget at the same dang time!
So I'm pissed and seriously contemplating to go for a jogg to blow some steam off. But what the fudge, might as well be bloggin' instead of joggin' in the freezin weather outside...

fredag 19 november 2010

onsdag 17 november 2010

Epic and vivid!

What a pic. i'm stunned and i'm digging out my old vinyls. Abbey Road here we go! Dang where are they...?

onsdag 10 november 2010

Food, chile and a red truck!

All three in Thailand and all make you feel real good. I miss my family though...

söndag 7 november 2010

LeBeef had one...

... on his super-pan (which Magnus now is the keeper of). I found one too and I have it safely in my garage. And hopefully it will light up the rear end of my flattie chop to be. As I said before. Stay safe and just copy the guys who know where it's at!

See y'all in a week, Gone to Thailand!

onsdag 3 november 2010

Words from Lars Falk - an advertising legend in Sweden!

As I might have mentioned I work in the advertising industry. In Sweden that is. These words are in swedish and I'm not going to translate, but they are wise and they boosted me today. And probably tomorrow too.

In short they say that advertising is kind of important and very human.

Tut, tut!

Allt människan uttrycker är partsinlaga. Allt tal, all skrift, allt målande, musicerande, skulpterande, designande, byggande är reklam för den egna viljan, ambitionen, kunskapen, åsikten, idén, affären.
Ett brev är reklam. En tavla är reklam. Ett hus är reklam.
En stol, ett bord, en brödrost och en gräddvisp är reklam. Tut, tut, här kommer jag och ingen annan.
Kläder gör reklam för den som bär dom. Mat berättar om vem det är som just nu äter den. Allt är signaler, hopp om kontakt.
En smekning är reklam. Den vill berätta hur den som smeker känner det. Och den vill få den som smeks att känna exakt vad som menas.
Kroppsspråk är reklam. Intill det mest osynliga ögonkastet. Ofta kallar man det här för kommunikation istället – det känns finare. Men reklam är ett ärligare begrepp – reklamen erkänner att den säljer. Kommunikation låtsas ofta att den bara roar.
Reklam vill att det den bär på sina vingar skall fastna hos mottagaren. Inte bara tjusa ögat eller örat en stund.
Reklam, som uttrycksform, arbetar med det mest väsentliga vi människor söker; gemenskap. Det näst sista vi vill är att bli ensamma. Utan relationer. Ingen att bry sig om.
Det sista vi vill är att dö. Till och med där finns en skillnad; dö älskad eller dö ensam.

tisdag 2 november 2010

lotsa famiglia today

Probably wouldn't find chops all that fun if my brother wasn't along.

I'm a lucky dad!

Got to work att 06.00 this morning and now att 08.00 and daybreak I'm getting homesick and emotional... It's autumn vacation for my kids and I'd really like to be home with them. But i'm not so I'll post a pic to keep me company.