fredag 30 december 2011

Some of the good stuff...

... that comes with the super manly biker stylee of life, at least according to our little crew Sidfläsk MC, is good food, good drinkin' and the odd metal parts. But most of all having fun along friends that like stuff like that. If you know and like your meat - you can pretty much taste them steaks I bet... let me tell you, they were even better. A young swedish steer, hung for 14 days then vacced and youwsaa... sizzzzzzzle....

New stuff from the best of the best

Rockin into the new year with Less is More ringin' in my head... Dang they do it well!

torsdag 29 december 2011


So simple and sweet. A real bike pure and simple. Understated but totally beeejutiful. And neat to see something that isn't Wassell or a slimmed sportster tank frisco mounted.

I thank whoever snapped the pic. but I cant rememeber where I took it from. It's been on umpteen blogs I seem to recall.

onsdag 28 december 2011

found a cd full of good memorys

From our yearly run to our friends at Strul MC in Enköping, In august in 2010 as for the last 12-13 years we gather to our semi-religious feast at Enköping for the Mälaren Runt Run. It's a great weekend of bikes, booze and brotherhood. Not to mention the bar-b-que, the music, the unexspected incidents and plain old roadside fun.

I'll sure post a series of great snaps-shotts. World champion nudity, serious competition, world class bikes and general scenery is to be anticipated. As well as Mr Chopper himself... And Corners bad ass bandit knuckle...

Stay tuned!

Getting ready för the bike show

Fredrik, my brother, tore down his knuckle to re-build in a more sellable format. The day after they called from a Motorcycle magazine and asked if they could have the bike in their exhibition at the upcoming big motorcycle show here in town. So he rebuilt it and put some raked out cups in the steering head (is that the english word?) and put my old mufflers on the pipes. And now it's back to normal. Brutal and charming at the same time...

It's one of the kooolest bikes I've ever ridden. You totally integrate with the bike when sit in it. And all your right hand wants to do is to turn it full throttle. I wanna go riding!

tisdag 27 december 2011

New year a comin'

And today even some sun appears on the otherwise so grey and dull Göteborg skys. And I'm alone at work thinking of a brand new 2012 and all the great stuff that can happen. One of theses things is of course in the middle of june when the Jokers show takes place in Tidaholm. This year we didnt make it but next year we'll be there for sure. I'll take the buss if I wont make it on time with any of the bike projects. But it usually works out. Maybe not the way I'm planning now - they always turn out better in my head, than in reality... Lack of time and skills... But something is going to roll... preferably something of the flathead persuation.

måndag 26 december 2011

Santa Claus on Rudolph the...

... kinda red knuckle chop. Stole this from the Dutchmans excellent and amazing photo blogg. I'll take it of the blogg in a jiffy if I get the word.

Peter's got one of the neatest Knucklechoppers I've seen and I hope we'll get aroud to run around when spring and dry roads comes around. Untill then I hope we'll get around to a garage party at Fältspatsgatan just as the past few years.

lördag 24 december 2011

Christmas presents!

Went in to Bertil to get som lock rings (might not be the right translation) for piston pins and I got these. Lock rings and complementary oversize US Ordnance pins. And foremost neat packaging from the day when the factory was the factory. Seems like there are still huge stockpiles of these from the war so it's cheaper to send the pins with the rings.

And little surprises like that makes my day.

Merry Christmans all!

fredag 23 december 2011

A ways to go...

The flattie might not end up like this, but I've got a thing about the gas tank... It's a Hap Jones so its got some pedigree... But I've got a Hummer tank at Nickes and I've got a hangup on them ones too... And a chromed up VL springer is real sweet, but a clean shaved 33.4 could do the trick too... The Honda drum on a 21" is sweet, but so is my 23" . And I havent even started to ponder about the chromed up frame and the chop springer... Jeeeez... I need someone to tell me what to freakin' do...

But one good thing is that the Duo is going to be pretty much like stock. Except I'm thinking of a 60's kinda paintjob...and maybe...

torsdag 22 december 2011

With the Knuck maybe going to France...

... I'm thinking about one of my favourite bikes. But in my mind the pan is a flattie mill in there. 18's do alot. As, of course, all the perfection does that this bike is gifted with.

And I really need to git crackin on a bike if I'm going to be riding any when the time comes. The Duo is on the lift... and the flattie is almost started. But then again a chop is always neat and now the shaman with the rigid hips is on the path of the chop that might be the religion of 2012. But a swingarm jap kinda vibe is also .. And I ...

Good thing it's still just 2011

tisdag 25 oktober 2011

mr leis reis nukl

Cryptic and enigmatic this mill taunts and provokes human emotion of the possesive persuation. But it's the man with the mustache thats gots it...

torsdag 13 oktober 2011

What a dope!

This guy wants to be the boss of Sweden. He wants your trust and admiration. He wants to get elected come next elections. In the mean time he figures he can cheat and lie a little with and about the tax payers money and how he uses them...

His likness with Super mario ends when you cant turn him off.

All these dishonest pretentious farts with their hands in the cookie jar... sad...

onsdag 12 oktober 2011

torsdag 6 oktober 2011

Knuckle chop for sale

A nice ride ready to roll. 39EL. Motor and tranny renovated - about 1000 km on it.
price 160 000 SEK which is roughly 16 000 € I guess.
Mail me for more info if this smoothie is in your taste and the loot in your pockets is itchin'

Got to get my flattie shit together, therfore OHV's gotta go!

söndag 2 oktober 2011

Kooolest Guzzi ever

Built by Adam Nestor. An amazing bloke in his early twenties (I think). Imagine what he will put out in the years to come. This bike is so tastefull, classy and inspiring it's incredible. And still it's a total motorcycle in every aspect - not a showcase/showoff...

fredag 30 september 2011

A café racer that sticks...

... in my head. Man there is a slot in my garage for something like this.

torsdag 29 september 2011

2 signs in one day...

.. might be considered repetitive and boring... but thats only if you dont read'em... These two were kinda good but this last really puts the pecker on it!!!

onsdag 28 september 2011

Good n' tired

Pizza pie mellows out and smoothes over the rough spots on a show sunday after a show saturday night. Which also can be said about Calles super sweet pan bob job. If you had the priveledge of seing Calles previous red pan chop extraordinaire and now this you really cant wait for what's up next...

tisdag 27 september 2011

The best car was a... boat!

It surely was. Except for our Hot Rod of course - the Juxtapod, was a this magnificent Chris Craft speedboat that was totally breathtaking. It reeked som much gottahave it almost drove me crazy. Unfortounately it was on a trailer so it wasn't that easy to check it out thoroughly.

So the boat won in many aspects... strange huh...

måndag 26 september 2011

Rough Superior at Petrol Circus in Helsinki.

In a world of frisco mounted cut down sportstertanks and early shovels with a kool sissy this bike is real refreshing. One of neatest I've seen in a long time.

söndag 18 september 2011

Burke Shelley - no need to say more...

Some shit was better way back wgen, ... well, most shit acctually come to think of it...

fredag 16 september 2011

Made me speechless and yearning for the fjords.

The molding, the bars, the paint, the patina. Chucks it's neat!

Swiped the pic from a blogg thats realy nice - just forgot which. I'll remove upon request... maybe.

I wanna bike like that...

What becomes of the long legged springers?

In the hands of grand master Stekarn and the rigid hip viper? Well found this on Stekarns blogg, which is equal parts hilarious and geniuos. Which is acctually exactly the same for the rigid hip vipers spaced out digital diary.

These guys could run one of the...

...biggest countries in the world, with the most guns and destructive power on the planet.t. Think about it! There is reason to be seriously worried.

onsdag 14 september 2011

Rideable... least according to Axel and his friends. And a bit more than that if I judge by the sound of it. Makes me real happy even though at present we have the remnants of a tropical storm over us making it windy, rainy an crappy. For the first time in Sweden it even ha a name - Katia... But in between the storm showers they're at it f'sure.

tisdag 13 september 2011

That groovy eighties vibe

On my way back from work in the dreary fall rainy shit swedish weather life just brightened up a short while. Two Icons of the swingin' eighties passed me. And when the 928 is just cool design (for a Porsche) The DeLorean is a cult thing. One of 9200 ever made. And financed by nose candy...

måndag 5 september 2011

Any day now...

...and hopefully before snow falls! But it's going to be a pretty nice ramp and if I get my way we'll add som vertical in the spring. Axel didn't want this to begin with. And after putting in the hours on this I'm kainda happy. It was alot more work than I reconned. But that's usually the case with me...

It's been a handful to get it stable and stright into the ground since it's uneven as crap and soggy. But it seems to be alright now and now I just need to get teh plywood on and then I think I might find some paint that will make it more resisitant to water and moisture... Wich we're looing towards in heeps. Sweden is not California f'sure...

torsdag 1 september 2011

Nobody puts corner in the corner, baby...

It's a sweet ´n ruff ride... A real motorcycle!

måndag 29 augusti 2011

My kids

As goofy and fun as they look... and then some! I'm a lucky dad f'sure!

söndag 28 augusti 2011

The right breather valve ... essential for a well functioning oil system and thus a dry motor and more specifically dry heads. Ask me I know. It however had the good effect that I have been through basically all possible causes of flowing and dripping oil before I realized that a late pan breather just dont cut it on a knuckle...or more to the point - that it was one of those mounted in the crankcase...

But now the knuck ran great during last weekends 1000 km trip as well as to and from work this last week.

My son needs a ramp... it's just to get to it. Kinda halfpipe. About 1.2 meters high, 2.5 wide and I guess it'll be about 6 meters from coping to coping. It's been keeping me busy and it aint done yet... I have to put it outside our yard (I think I might have a real bad accident in my sleep if I put it in the yard, my wife tells me...). And since the ground isn't even and straight I'll need to do some digging and ground work to.
But seeing Axel nailing a 180 kick-flip today makes it more than worth the while. Just wish I was like 20 years younger...

måndag 22 augusti 2011

Going to Enköping...

...the third weekend in august is something we've done for the last 13 years. It's a great weekend but I'm so freeekin tired when I get home sunday night...

This year a rainy shitty saturday put a damper on riding the Run. We only managed a wet run over to Strängnäs and soe short runs around town. I got to try a modern kinda bike which was fun a 2004 Buell Lightning Bolt (I think). A bit scary in the rain with brakes that actually work... real good.

But things dried up toward the evening and Sidfläsk once again stood victorious in the Strul-stafetten! Second year and this year without our world champ Stellan.

We're looking for a hird consecutive win next year. Go Sidfläsk go!

We made it!

Mälaren Runt round trip about 1000km. I ran the knuck roughly 700 meters before we set of friday. It ran like a charm and the trip was made in a good and mellow pace to get the first miles to the Knuck in good order.
All in all a great weekend on a sweet bike with good friends. I'll post some more from the trip soon.

By the way, the bike is for sale since I'm not really a OHV kinda guy, more of the SV persuation. And I need to get crackin' on it.

It's a 39EL in a bentleg frame. A RL rear leg with a 1"post and a repo front leg. The motor is renovated and runs good as well as the gearcase which is newly renovated. 81 and 21" . Chain primary etc etc...

mail me if you want more info and price. johan@thesunnysideup

onsdag 10 augusti 2011

oil squirtin' ol' fool

It kinda feels like this right now... dont it?

Back at work, missed Le Beefs 2 year and the A-Bomber meet, US going down the drain as well as 70% of the countries in europe and Japan as well... my knuckle squrts oil from every hole possible and even where there aint none... my family left me home-alone for the rest of the week... moneys short and I'm getting old and tired... and I didnt get to paint the house this summer either...

But it's still frekkin' fun if you got big ears!

måndag 11 juli 2011

Fücker Chopper Fest coming up...

...and maybe, just maybe I'll get the last shit together saturday morning so me and the Sidfläsk crew can ride the roundabout 7 kilometers we need to go to get there.

torsdag 7 juli 2011

G's Works Out Party - at Sidfläsk MC Northside

Last friday was real nice. Lots of friends, burgers, bikes, beers, and loud music. Göran got to do his Keps Persson with a bunch of harmonica solos. Brother Freudo (on bass) with band 100% Rock cranked out the tunes with Dennis and Tompa.

Me and Janne flipped burgers and charred corn-on-the-cob with the help of your ordinary garage tools. We must have gone through more than 20 lbs. of burgers.

And by the way: hats off to Janne S! who helped us from chaos in preparing for this little shin-dig!

onsdag 6 juli 2011

Shit that wakes you up in the middlle of the night...

Yes I forgot to put it there, that darn little f-r. It woke me up and had me dissasembling for the third time...

But it's all good. It's there now and I'm ready to forget - or remember - something else.

fredag 1 juli 2011

Thats what it's all about!

Loose the attitude, burn miles and have fun together with friends. Peace and love!

tisdag 28 juni 2011

Friends of G and Sidfläsk - rally up come friday!

As the man says - beers and burgers, tunes and loones! In a greasy but nice venue! Let's pray for sun and warmth!

See you friday!

onsdag 22 juni 2011

My bro!

My friend and bro in Sidfläsk MC since close to 20 years. Next friday we barbeque and down beers in numbers to celebrate his release from workin' mans hell into: the joy of doing what the fuck I want period of life. Acctually he's been doing that his whole life so it's not that much of a change. But we're always looking for something to celebrate.

Anyway he's the kindest, coolest and funniest (and talkative) guy you could ever have the fortune to know! Cheers G!

Great picture by Christer Hedberg!

måndag 20 juni 2011

Makes me wanna get my act together...

To much work makes me a dull boy... old fart... Not enough time in the garage and not enough fooling around with bikes and stuff.

And certainly not enough action on this blog. But I'll try to shape up, if anybody cares ... And if not I dont give a flyin' f anyway I guess.

Axel though, wants me to start getting the yellow chop ready. And whith him sitting on it I surley feel like gettin crackin.