torsdag 30 september 2010

Almost done!

All thats left now is a bunch of hours, cases of beer, gallons of coffee, nuts n' bolt, busted knuckles, sweat, stupid misstakes, inabilities, good advice, bad welding, not so round holes, grinding, polishing. But most of all FUN!

And maybe a camera and photographer of better quality...

onsdag 29 september 2010


Or more like a real bonafide Flathead... Crystal skull by Ludvig, handpainted and crowned with a flattie chopper! When I grow up and git some money I might just buy it!

Thanks CD!

For letting me use your pic. on some cool dudes flathead chop. I reason that flatheads are like bacon. They make you feel good and yummy. And then it's only natural that you want to share them with everyone around you. And with some eggs over easy it's a meal! Which reminds me - it's lunchtime here in Sweden and I was up at 0500 this morning with only a bowl of cereal to my name!

But if you dont like Bacon CD, please let me know and I'l scramble to remove'em from this pan of a blog...

tisdag 28 september 2010

So red hot and sweet!

Pinched this from some nice and tasteful blog. But I couldn't resist it. Beautiful pic and bike and Harleys with cuts is just something real special... It's like one of those no-no's thats always a yes-yes!

Whippit, whippit good... in a gold lamé dinner jacket

lördag 25 september 2010

tisdag 21 september 2010

Look what I found...

... in an old MCM. The ad for brother Mathias knuckle from +10 years ago I think. The style is quite the fad these days - it wasn't really then. We(Freudo and me) however convinced Mathias rebuild it to a 50's bobber which he also did. And now he's in the process of going Original with it. Fenders, toolbox, crashbars - the works. Well, that's when he's built the new house first and secured a CEO position!

By the way , we've convinced him to do alot of stuff through the years. Like when we convinced him to apply to fighter pilot school in the swedish airforce. He made it galantly through all the extremely difficult tests but when the Airforce shrink asked him why he so wanted to be a pilot he kinda answered that he didn't so want to be a pilot... So now he's not...

Once Freudo also convinced him to try his homemade parachute - from an old sail... But that's another story.

söndag 19 september 2010

just dreamin'...

...on a sunday afternoon.

fredag 17 september 2010

If you see this jewel sound the ALARM!!!

Some asshole stole this bike (Sunbeam Lion Outfit Frame No. B9163)!
And if you se anything like it on the road, in the classifieds or anywhere get in contact with:

I dont know the guy but I understand he's spent an enormous amount of time and money in restoring this beauty. And just when he was finished some rat-motherfu-er swiped it.

torsdag 16 september 2010

There she is again...

...on Pauls knucklehead on the LeBeef wall amongst other goodies. Heels, sissys, pans and a real small dress. Mixin' it up!

If you are, whoever you might be, interested to aquier a Bobbs n' Bobbers exclusive calendar featuring the original Katy mail me and I'll see what can be done. See, I know the Calendar witch doctor himself...

tage doing the

Jason J impersonation. All it takes is a beanie and a cap...

måndag 13 september 2010

The Yellow fever...

This fine (is going to be fine, rather) ride is going up on the table for some work this winter. It's been in pieces since I traded it more than a decade ago for a XA (repop) springer front end with a 21" from a quite active and intense goldsmith in town. Cool guy but intense... Originally it was a Honda 500 in it, but that's to fast and furious and sound to much like a bee to be bearable for me and Freudo. So we kinda looked the other way and figured that a 45" stroked up to a 54" (thinks thats about 900cc) with a Norton gearbox and a fire extinguisher oilbag could be mellow and peaceful. So now we need to get to work and who knows if it will end up yellow.

And yeah, the 99 1/2 means that Freudos and mine little bidnizz is almost all good and just a little bad. Not gangster bad though, cause that we're not. Just bad - like fu-ng up every now and again. Which makes me think it should be more than just a half percent - much more actually...
But it's symbolic y'know!

söndag 12 september 2010

lördag 11 september 2010

For sale - Front head Knuckle

Big port head.
Professionally (Tassen) welded classic crack, se image. New intake valve seat and guide.
6 000:- SEK (same as I paid and fixed the seat since).
More pics available on request.

VL springer

Actually RL (45"). Now with 1" post expertly fixed by the legendary P.

fredag 10 september 2010

No... I won't do it...

...I won't write some silly ass headline like: Got to get ahead or Some work ahead of me... No, first of all Fjus is helping me with the head work since he's got fixtures for the mounting tabs for the rocker houses and he's a hell of a welder, which I'm not. But I'm real happy to see this EL coming together with the help of god guys and experts like CA and Fjus. I'll refrain to merely put the pieces of the bike together - a sweet knuck it's going to be! No stroke, no trim, no specials, just 61 ci of knucklehead tradition in a mild manageable format for a sissy like me!

So heads up and stay tuned (crap... just cant help myself, I'm from Göteborg...)


Wicked was an expression I learned from a bunch of Hockey players from around New England in Summer Hockey School in Exeter New Hampshire in 1973. It means Bitchin'... So now you know!

Anyways Robert Williams got the style. In every way! And since Peter Longhair constantly gives me greif about my choice of trousers - they're to green or to plaid or striped or golf or whatnot. Take a look att mr Williams choice of fashion! Pinstripe is the new black leathers!

Probably the koolest image in the whole freakin' bike bidniss! Take every swatstika, skull, flame, fist, tatoo and they cant't hold a candle to this look!

torsdag 9 september 2010

FLTT is on N's mind I understand

And there's one behind this guys head...

Seems like you could order these built from the MoCo 49 and 50 and they came with and abundance of race goodies and a springer in the front...

Go N Go - super kool stuff

I shoulda... now I woulda...

... bought this K whatever it was. About ten or more years ago I saw this ad in a bike classified paper. A 52 KH ( which doesn't exist ) and a pic. that looks like a KR . Price asked was about $5000. Who knows what it was and I keep wondering to this day. I look at the little piece of torn out ad and ponder what could have been now and again.

But I'm going to have a KR one day (or a KR lookalike KH) The nice Yoshi of Garagercompany even gave me a quote on one about a half year ago (and it wasn't 5 grand...) but still a reasonable price for the good work they do! Respect! I hope I'll have the honor of being a customer soon...

onsdag 8 september 2010

Stylemaster extraordinaire

Bill Mize builds real kool bikes. And that's about it for tonight!

one of many...

... winter projects will be to get this fine chariot hooked up to some proper ride. It's a kool piece of work even though it's german. The tub in the background is all bent outta shape and form and originates from Russia (without love). But we might get it in order some day or just use it as a fireplace...

From last summer

Tage having some fun on the knuck.

måndag 6 september 2010

Back home after a sunday ride

My son Tage took dad for a ride on the old 66 Electra. We rode around scaring the old bags in the neighbohood, upsetting the golfers concentration and swings as we rode through the Hovås golf course. Stopped for a real good "fika" (coffee brake in Swedish) with donuts, soda, coffe and ice cream. Then we went down to the marina and checked out some cool boats and then evetually landed back in the yard feeling real happy (and full of cookies and soda). My head hurt though, since I crammed my wifes peanut size helmet onto my cabbage due to the fact I left mine in the garage... So, what you dont have in your head... you'll have to have on your head...

Someday my kids all are going to be riding beside me and the missus going down the road!

söndag 5 september 2010

Great blog y'all!

Check out:

A fairly new blogg dedicated to keep the AEE legacy alive! Tons of super kooool stuff! Go there and just enjoy!

torsdag 2 september 2010

Darn nice chop

Pinched it of - well you can read - but just had to post it since it's kind of different and super real. It's the daily ride of the great Trevelen of SuperCo ( I know since I read the article in Street Chopper). And it's good that an unsung hero gets some cred - Sugar Bear! It's a Sugar Bear front end and it's as chop as chop gets! And as I understand it, he's truly a pioneer in the sport of chopping! And we all should send lots of respect for his deed!

Front ends are important since they the front... and front impressions last, you know. Well gotto stop, need to check out the Freddy Hernandez site- Gotz diggers on my mind!