torsdag 20 september 2012

Art for Petes sake -Its art!

And this without losing the fact that it's a motorcycle. And without being created to "blow peoples mind" in frekkin silly rat race to be coooool. It's just a beautiful motorcycle - and that's art.

onsdag 5 september 2012

Sheer beauty

Knocked me right flat on my back when I absentmindedly browsed through some of all them millions of bloggs. Jumpin' jiminey is this a masterpiece or what... I totally lost where I found it and if someone could enlighten me... please! Somthing like that with a ULH in it... and I'm good and set... In my dreams I guess.

tisdag 4 september 2012

lördag 1 september 2012

The three stooges

Or three knuckles - Freds, Mathias and mine - three brother and three knucks, which is strange cause we're all kinda flattie fans. But we've strayed from the faith and are working our way back. That is - I need to get the pan Duo in the background up and running first. But we've got flat plans. and some of that kinda junk laying around to...