onsdag 31 oktober 2012

Tweet tweet...

... but not as in Twitter but as in Superbird! Chck that beek out and that tailfeather!

måndag 29 oktober 2012

Beat them red cars!

Them red cars being Ferrari of course. And that's just what the Ford GT 40 did late 60 in Le Mans and Daytona and such endurance races. Henry Ford II was hellbent on winning and eventually took the help of legendary Caroll Shelby to make it happen. However initially the GT 40 was developed with the british Lola racing company and people from Aston Martin. This car is the remake the Ford GT, that saw the light of day in 2005. It's so unbelievably breathtakingly beautiful and awesome.

fredag 26 oktober 2012

feelin good!

With a bit of imagination I can almost pretend it's SoCal and not dreary Gbg. From last year in september. Now it's this year in late october. Freezin' & Dreemin'

torsdag 25 oktober 2012

LeBeef rules

I dont know if it's so, but FB told me that Mattias LeBeef is on the finalist builders roster for Born Free 5. I hope it's true cause it's going to be real exiting! Go beef Go!

now and again...

torsdag 4 oktober 2012

All work and no play...

... makes a boring blog. And I've sureley not been very active for a few weeks but focus needs to be elsewhere now and again. My little firm, my family and carpenters and painters in our house has had me thinking of other stuff than this here digital diary. Trying twitter and instagram though. Seems kinda fun and hazardous (during driving that is). Looking forward to getting a Hummer tank from NS and maybe that will be the starting point of me getting into the garage to get some work done to exisiting and new projects. Finallt finsihing the knuckle for sale. Putting togehter the Pan to sell to (perhaps). And the Duo... And then to get started on my flathead... At last. I am really looking forward to get back into the flathead side of life. Seems more mellow and relaxed. And is. This Flathead in the pic is pure and sheer evidence of this. Kool and confident like a mf.