tisdag 18 maj 2010

Model A Ford Truck 1928

In 1928 Ford replaced the Model T and the TT, as the truck was named, with the Model A and AA.
The A which is the the car, was the base for the Truck - AA, which rated at 1.5 tons. The truck was available as a Closed cab which basically is with a fixed roof or as a Roadster, what we would refer to as a convertible. Even though Roadster sounds way cooler.

Both the A and the AA carried a 200 cubic inch (3.3 litres) water-cooled, L-head four-cylinder engine that produced approx 40 horsepower, along with a sliding-gear three-speed transmission. We are aiming for a little bit more power than that, though... And some more gears I guess. It came with a one-barrel Zenith up-draft carb and dashed around the roads at a top speed of about 65 mph or 104 km/h as we say here in the old part of the world.

A closed cab pickup sold for about $475 which is not what the price is nowadays... or you could splurge and order the top-of-the-line Town Car and impress your neighboors and spend no less than 14 hundred bucks...

And finally, the model Awas the first to have safety glass in the windshield.

The last model A, as I understand, was produced in march in 1932 when the mdel B was introduced. By then 4 849 340 Model A had been produced in plants in the US, Argentina, Canda, France, the UK and Germany .

How many of those were Trucks I haven't found. But who gives a hoot - we've got one and thats plenty!

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