måndag 28 juni 2010

Old stuff really rules

This is what met med looking out of my office window this morning. It's a rebuild of the ship Gotheborg that sailed to east asia in the 1700's. On its third voyage in 1745, after sailing roughly 1.5 times around the world and filled with precious goods from China and the orient, it hit one of the most known rocks right out side the Gothenburg port. Luckily though all seamen were saved and about a third of the goods could be rescued. As a trivia I might add that the trip resulted in a 17.5 % profit due to rescued goods as well as insurance claims. The first and second trip however carried a 40% plus profit margin...
This fantastic rebuild sailed the same trip a few years back after being built by enthusiasts and in a non profit organzation. The construction started in 1992 and the ship was completed in 2005. All respect to them for bringing back a really exiting piece of history!

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