onsdag 27 juni 2012

Going back to sweet 16. Inches that is. The knuckle will transform into something more swedish 80'ish. But I was thinking about using the rear fender tip as a fender and just adding some tin as a splashguard below. Wish I had a narrowed 3.5 though. But it will have to do I guess.
I got this real neat Wassell seat which I thought could be cool and with a sportster front end and some kinda dirt track bars and ordinary stuff It could get a bit of a regglar britt motosickle look. But I will probably change my mind umpteen times before I ever get done. Wonder if I'll be riding at all this season?

3 kommentarer:

  1. Mälaren runt is far away, you can do it! ;)

  2. sebban! Thanx for your support. I will do my darndest! Chuks all that's needed is a good spirit and conviction! And spirits...
    How's the 66 coming along?

  3. Motivation is there but low budget forces me to keep it simple, there will be more attitude to make up for the lack of shine I think. Evil spirits haunts me on the roads, waiting for someone to give me a few bells to put on each of my vehicles ;) See you at Mälaren runt for a beer or 12 and I really hope you ride your "Swede 16"