tisdag 20 april 2010

We call it Crystal Myth. Firstly because it's an idea and a vision so far (I'll get back to how the idea came about real soon) so it will be a myth till the day we fire it up, rev it like a motherpucker and let it loose. But also because crystal - or art glass as it's sometimes called - will be a important part in realizing this crazy idea.

Mind you - this is not an art project or an "art-rod". It's a real bonafide Hot Rod with the right parts, built the right way with the right look and feel. The difference is that we'll use a material for some parts that really hasn't been used that much. And them parts will be designed and made by Ludvig and his trusted crew att the Åfors glass-shop. And to see that we're in the right school rod-wise we got that bearded metal artist known around the world as Le Beef.

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