tisdag 13 april 2010

A first entry of many to come, hopefully. I'm going to make sure that I take my time in getting started so I get it right. It's serious business being unserious. It takes some effort to have fun and to try to do shit that really doesn't matter to most people. Like getting all emotional and happy to see the image above. Sent by Mattias LeBeef last friday night. I was sitting at dinner with two good friends and they were discussing cars. Nice cars mind you - ferraris and astons - but the dont realy jank my chain (or what they say). This does however and I'll post more as the puzzle is completed.

I'll probably post rides and bikes and junk related. Stuff we like alot - hence Megustomuch. Yes I know it should be Megusta - much but I dont give a ratsass! It don't sound right! And in a way it's mostly about selfsatisfaction, since we won't do it if we dont like it.

Also I'll probably post stuff relating to eating and drinking and having a good time. I'll probably be all mushy and daddylike and show some pics of my kids and family. Hats of to Jeremiah at Love Cycles for doing that. Since family is theee thaaang. Metal shit comes right after that, but never before!

But first and foremost I'll post stuff about the making of the koolest and kraziest (...me and Ludvig think...) AFord pickup rod in a long time. By the way I'll present me and Ludvig sooner than later...

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  1. fuck, i just read your whole blog, it rocks. Long live flatheads!!