fredag 27 augusti 2010

The Juxtapod blog...

If anyone by chance might visit this blog - the megustomuch - with all of it's imperfections in spanish and content, please help me and take a visit at

and follow that kinda more interesting project, than these, my private rantings here. We're trying to build a worlds first.. A cool rod that combines art and design from two different worlds! And to see what they have to offer each other.

It's a risky project... The two worlds might gett pissed at us, but then again they might like it. We might get pissed at the project, but then again, it's most unlikely... But the biggest risk is that we wont be able to attract massive attention and thus get the response and discussion we want and crave for (affirmation is a real strong driving force for us humans... much like gas in a rod...).

So please help the Juxtapod team to spread the word and the blog! We are forever grateful dudes and dudettes!

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