torsdag 26 augusti 2010

The chop- skate connection...

... is really kind of kool in certain ways since it puts, or rather, takes away alot of crap and focuses on the important stuff - which is wheels and whatever holds those wheels in place - a board or a frame...

This was my home away from home between 75-79! The Landala Banana bowl. I wasnt really good in any way, never made it into a sponsored team. I just had fun and learned alot from all the fun people who skated there at the time. Names like Janne W, Hillnäs, The Carter team (specially my good lifelong friend Dennis who passed away in a boat accident a few years back, I think of you often !) The Appelgren brothers, Tjongan, my own brothers and many more.

I even met Tony Alva there one day. He just showed up totally alone in shorts, board, bandana and HAIR... and then he ripped!

Ok so much for that nostalgic trip down memory lane... and the skate chop connection.
I'm not a part of it... I wasn't that good and it was to long ago!

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