måndag 18 oktober 2010

lo carb no fat and autumn blues

The dreary season is upon us. We light candles and pop pop corn to kid ourselves that we like it, but with no success. We might even put a nice Linkert DC on a buddy seat piedestal and admire it for a while and then regress into autumn apathy.

The nice brass choke part Benny Å made. I just bought it with the intention of running it on... well I dont give a flying...

Just kidding I do give a fudge and I think it's going on the Duoglide eventually or if I get another one it might make a fresh double trouble set up for the extra big flattie thats going in the rigid conversion Duo frame.

I've seen the light and it's Sibbans flattie chop! So we'll make it through the dark wet cold times ahead!

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