måndag 25 oktober 2010

Would you buy a used motorcycle from this man?

I did! Mr Chopper sold me the first BT Flathead I ever owned. It ran like crap when I tried it in Strängnäs after a 4.5 hour drive from home. The linkert was way out of whack, timing was of and the clutch (råttfällan) was basically unoperable (strange word there...). But I bought it anyway and it ran great after some work and friendly assistance from smart and able buddies. And since then Flatheads are in a leauge of their own to me. They aren't cooler, faster, better or anything like that, compared to OHV, just different in the best of ways!

Matte is a legendary Chopper righteous guy and totally great to meet and talk to. Which was the case at Hönö saturday night, when Pontus and all in the island-connection put on a great party. Thanks guys and come january we'll meet up at our place for the mid-winter barbeque!

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