tisdag 23 november 2010

This aint SoCal...

Suppose this is the first snow thats ever landed on this former SoCal IH A100 pickem' up truck. Looks good though in the grim light and light snowfall.
Had to put it outside for a while, while I in a futile effort tried to change to winter tyres on my daily ride. The fuckers wouldn't come lose even though I was at it for hours. I ended up putting the winter tyres in the trunk to have the changed for me. So this morning a skidded around and manged to slide right into another frekin car at the kids school parking lot making an utter fool out of myself and wreckin the family budget at the same dang time!
So I'm pissed and seriously contemplating to go for a jogg to blow some steam off. But what the fudge, might as well be bloggin' instead of joggin' in the freezin weather outside...

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