måndag 29 november 2010

Add some rubber!

And it will be on the front end of the flattie chop to be. And speaking of that I'm in a constant query to swap my 66 electra for some flattie goodies... a 4.3/4 stroke on a 80" bore with carillo rods and other goodies like classic Corvair pistons. Expertly built by the legendary CA in Falkenberg. This keeps me up at night... my eyes wide open staring in the ceiling. See I need the cash for other stuff, but my soul needs a flattie stroker. I even got the cool new alu/lookslikeiron lids from Timpa and Vesku in Finland - check them out at VT- cycle.

So if you're interested in flathead 74" cylinders, engine cases, T&O flattie flywheels, VL frame and some other goodies please contact me. And the RL springer rear fork leg with a 1" post. Call me, mail me so I can build the Flattie stroker chop of my dream. Mattias even gave me a sissybar for it the other day! Thanks, by the way!

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