måndag 22 augusti 2011

Going to Enköping...

...the third weekend in august is something we've done for the last 13 years. It's a great weekend but I'm so freeekin tired when I get home sunday night...

This year a rainy shitty saturday put a damper on riding the Run. We only managed a wet run over to Strängnäs and soe short runs around town. I got to try a modern kinda bike which was fun a 2004 Buell Lightning Bolt (I think). A bit scary in the rain with brakes that actually work... real good.

But things dried up toward the evening and Sidfläsk once again stood victorious in the Strul-stafetten! Second year and this year without our world champ Stellan.

We're looking for a hird consecutive win next year. Go Sidfläsk go!

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