måndag 22 augusti 2011

We made it!

Mälaren Runt round trip about 1000km. I ran the knuck roughly 700 meters before we set of friday. It ran like a charm and the trip was made in a good and mellow pace to get the first miles to the Knuck in good order.
All in all a great weekend on a sweet bike with good friends. I'll post some more from the trip soon.

By the way, the bike is for sale since I'm not really a OHV kinda guy, more of the SV persuation. And I need to get crackin' on it.

It's a 39EL in a bentleg frame. A RL rear leg with a 1"post and a repo front leg. The motor is renovated and runs good as well as the gearcase which is newly renovated. 81 and 21" . Chain primary etc etc...

mail me if you want more info and price. johan@thesunnysideup

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