onsdag 21 mars 2012

Austrian cutting disc history and then some...

Just got a bunch of historic pics. from our esteemed client Tyrolit - maker of the worlds best tools for cutting, grinding and drilling. And behold - I find this fantastic image of a 20's Motorcycle in the storage room of Tyrolit cutting discs - probably it's 1928 according to info in the pic.. I cant see what make or model. Fenders, brakes and details make me think it's not an american made bike. But it looks like a V twin... Anybody got a clue! All I can say is that life is full of pleasant surprises...

Thanks Robert and Michael!

2 kommentarer:

  1. lägger en hundring på royal enfield osäker på år därav endast en hundring..

  2. Sebban
    Ska gå vidare på det spåret. Har du rätt bjuder jag på rom i Reggae tältet come august...