onsdag 14 mars 2012

I'm down wid OPP

OPP in the sense that I dont have to much of own acticity to share at the moment (a moment that has lasted like 8 f-n months...) so as not to wither (seasons of Wither.. great tune..) away I'll just rip of other peoples great work to showcase on this excuse of a blogg. But in a way it's what it's meant for. I called it Megustomuch just to show stuff I like a whole lot (even though the spanish grammar/translation might say something else, I've learned)

Bla bla bla bal... get to the point already!

Well this kind of bike has been top-of-mind lately. And when its done so tastefully as this one I really start to get frustrated to get to work and do instead of think... and wish... and plan... and talk...

Well all respect to the builder.

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