måndag 27 augusti 2012

From father to son...

Yesterday was a big day. My son Axel all of a sudden asked if he could use my old board. So I rushed up to the attic and dug it out. I think I bought the board around 78 or 79. It was real good in the big Fiskebäck ramp and at Bananen also. It's a Hobie Starship with Tracker trucks and Alva wheels. Think I was one of the first in Sweden to get Alva wheels. Ordered from the States. And in my mind I was sure it was Tony who packed and sent them to me! Axel said the board was real cool but we got to do something about the griptape. And nicely enough we got a backdoor ramp to try it out. Which he did - not me... So now I hope he'll have as much fun with this old Dinosaur as I did. Seems like they're kinda poular. And since I like old stuff, maybe some has rubbed of on Axel.

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