tisdag 21 september 2010

Look what I found...

... in an old MCM. The ad for brother Mathias knuckle from +10 years ago I think. The style is quite the fad these days - it wasn't really then. We(Freudo and me) however convinced Mathias rebuild it to a 50's bobber which he also did. And now he's in the process of going Original with it. Fenders, toolbox, crashbars - the works. Well, that's when he's built the new house first and secured a CEO position!

By the way , we've convinced him to do alot of stuff through the years. Like when we convinced him to apply to fighter pilot school in the swedish airforce. He made it galantly through all the extremely difficult tests but when the Airforce shrink asked him why he so wanted to be a pilot he kinda answered that he didn't so want to be a pilot... So now he's not...

Once Freudo also convinced him to try his homemade parachute - from an old sail... But that's another story.

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