måndag 13 september 2010

The Yellow fever...

This fine (is going to be fine, rather) ride is going up on the table for some work this winter. It's been in pieces since I traded it more than a decade ago for a XA (repop) springer front end with a 21" from a quite active and intense goldsmith in town. Cool guy but intense... Originally it was a Honda 500 in it, but that's to fast and furious and sound to much like a bee to be bearable for me and Freudo. So we kinda looked the other way and figured that a 45" stroked up to a 54" (thinks thats about 900cc) with a Norton gearbox and a fire extinguisher oilbag could be mellow and peaceful. So now we need to get to work and who knows if it will end up yellow.

And yeah, the 99 1/2 means that Freudos and mine little bidnizz is almost all good and just a little bad. Not gangster bad though, cause that we're not. Just bad - like fu-ng up every now and again. Which makes me think it should be more than just a half percent - much more actually...
But it's symbolic y'know!

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