måndag 6 september 2010

Back home after a sunday ride

My son Tage took dad for a ride on the old 66 Electra. We rode around scaring the old bags in the neighbohood, upsetting the golfers concentration and swings as we rode through the Hovås golf course. Stopped for a real good "fika" (coffee brake in Swedish) with donuts, soda, coffe and ice cream. Then we went down to the marina and checked out some cool boats and then evetually landed back in the yard feeling real happy (and full of cookies and soda). My head hurt though, since I crammed my wifes peanut size helmet onto my cabbage due to the fact I left mine in the garage... So, what you dont have in your head... you'll have to have on your head...

Someday my kids all are going to be riding beside me and the missus going down the road!

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